Emmerdale-y – 4th November 2012

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Jimmy’s leaving; Carl’s kids are back; Moira and Cain look to be getting back together and Edna doesn’t like backchat.

“We’re not kids,” Thomas growled at Bob. Er, you were the last time we saw you, mate.

I’ve looked it up though, and it seems that Thomas is 16 and Anya’s 14. It’s not gone unnoticed that the last time we saw Carl’s kids (Christmas 2010, my trusty Tweeters quickly confirmed), they were just that: kids.

Talk about old heads on young shoulders! Anya looks WAY older than 14, and I suppose you might agree that Thomas looks a ‘young’ 16, but they just look to have changed SO much in two years that it’s almost as if they’re two completely different people …

Like father, like son

Congratulations to whoever cast Thomas though, as he’s the absolute spit of his dad and even has the same mannerisms. He probably had his dad’s shirt on too, as it was at least two sizes too big for him – bless!

“We can look after ourselves. From now on we’re going to have to, aren’t we?” Anya told Jimmy rudely.

How’s that then? In the previous sentence she’d said that their place in Saudi was gigantic and had two pools, so she’s clearly not going to have to struggle in that department, is she? She struggles in the manners department though, as she said to Nicola, “Can I have some toast?” without even saying ‘please’.

Manners cost nothing, kids

It doesn’t matter HOW grief-stricken you are Anya (not that she appeared to be), there’s no excuse not to be at home to Marjorie Manners.

Some of us were brought up to always say please, thank you, AND not to cheek their elders. Edna told Thomas sharply, “Don’t be rude,” when he gave her a bit of backchat, and quite rightly too. Ooh, Edna. What are they like?

That Anya’s going to be trouble. She’s already trying to filch alcohol, so I guess we’re going to be finding her off her head in the cricket pavilion before the month’s out?

Anya ought to take a leaf out of Scarlett’s book. It’s nice to see Scarlett back; I like her. I liked her better when she was more curvy though.

She’s lost a lot of weight and turned into yet-another identikit young Soap female, but she’s an extremely attractive girl and a good actress, so I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before we’ll be seeing her in lots of other TV dramas and/or films.

Is Moira getting ‘fruity’ with Cain again?

What did Moira look like in that dress? Nell Gwyn springs to mind.

“If I’m out of line, just say.” No, I think we’d all agree that you were definitely in line (our eye-line, that is), and it’s certainly been having an effect on Cain. One minute he was plotting Cameron’s demise with Charity and the next was pushing a pram around the village and listening to Classical music.

Aah. I love to see Cain’s soft side, and I was very relieved to hear him (hopefully) taking Zak’s words on board when he told him that there’d been enough trouble and to just ‘leave it’ now, so let’s hope he does. He was even defending Chas in the pub, so maybe he’s going to do as his dad says and start focussing on Moira instead.

It looks as if they’re about to rekindle their passion, and if so, let’s hope that it turns into a proper relationship this time. There could be a lot of mileage (storyline-wise) in those two getting together.

And as for ‘getting together’ …

“I’m yours now … for better or for worse,” Cameron told Chas on Monday.

It’ll probably be ‘worse’ (for while at least, anyway), but I’d said that once all the fuss had died down Cameron and Chas would be able to get together, and unless there’s a very nasty twist around the corner (remember how he exploded into black in that advert?), they’ll be together soon and planning that wedding (I’ve still got my box of confetti ready for the big day, ok?).

It was very wrong of Debbie to smash Cameron’s van up. If your partner loves someone else it doesn’t matter how many windows you smash, it’s not going to change anything, is it? What if everyone whose partner left them did that?

Jimmy needs to stay as a partner

Jimmy’s changing. He says he doesn’t want to continue working in the haulage business, but let’s hope he comes to his senses soon, as Edna needs someone there to save her from the wicked Charity. It’s SO wrong how she bullies Edna and Rodders – although Rodney tries to give as good as he gets.

Nicola wasn’t happy about Jimmy’s news. Let’s hope that she can talk him round. What else could he do, anyway? Come on Jim. Get in there and take control, man!

Carl’s funeral was a sombre affair, but we also had some Grins of The Week:

Vic (to Alex): “You know how I act like I don’t want to speak to you ever again? There’s a reason for that … “

Charity: “It was Jimmy’s idea.”

Nicola: “Yeah, right. He doesn’t have any ideas – not of his own, anyway.”

Moira (to help Jack sleep): “Have you tried Classical music?”

Cain: “Yeah, we’ve never got it off in our gaff.”

Nicola (about Jimmy): “He needs some tough love.”

The Smile: “Well, he’s married to the right woman.”

Samson: “We’re going to a party.”

Cain: “Buzz off kid.”

Misery Ali (to Dan): “The kids think you’re ace. I mean, obviously you’re not, but they won’t be told.”


* What’s that about TJ? Brenda thinks he’s more likely to have boyfriends than girlfriends? I’d always had my suspicions about that lad (no, seriously!), and I’d LOVE him to come back ‘as a gay’. He’s nine now. Maybe he’ll flounce back into the village in a couple of years time (aged sixteen!) as Aaron’s new boyfriend, and if this was EastEnders they’d probably be penning the storyline right now!

* Anyone else think Thomas would make a great undertaker?

* Jacob says he doesn’t complain about going to school: that’s because he rarely goes. I’ve never known anyone have so many half days off, and that’ll no doubt start again once his mum gets back!

* Did Charity kiss Jai goodbye in the factory but then walk straight past Noah without even saying goodbye to him? All I heard were her high heels clip-clopping off.

* Bob said ‘Nighty-night’ to Lizzie and Dan. Aah, that’s what my mother always used to say to me at bedtime when I was a little girl (well, before she’d start shouting at my brother and I to stop talking)!

* Finally got round to getting a proper photo of Robbie and Jude up. Separated at birth, or what?

* Is David turning into Hairy David again? Those whiskers are sneaking further across his chops by the week!

* “Carl loved his golf,” Jimmy intoned. Did he? I can’t say I ever remember him ‘playing a round’, only ‘playing around’!

* Sam’s definitely taken a shine to Rachel, hasn’t he?

* I loved the scenes between Dan and Lizzie this week, but am glad they’re going to be just good friends. That leaves the road clear for him and Kerry to get together …

* Chas said, “You don’t choose who you fall in love with.” She’s right there, and that’s the main theme of my novel, “Just Good Friends?” if you fancy a read?!


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