'Emmerdale-y' – 25th September 2011

(After not being able to add things from my iPhone (and wasting hours trying to find suitable photos on Google), I’m now able to take photos during Episodes and upload them into this blog. The quality’s not as good but they’re relevant to what I’ve written, so I hope you’ll excuse the quality not being quite 100%!)

Gennie’s clearly got confused and gone from Nik-hil to Nic-ky!  After that meal, you can hardly blame her though.  What’s wrong with Nikhil?  That looked like a mighty-fine plateful of dinner to me (I adore paar-sta!), but he moaned about it being fattening and then had the nerve to suggest getting a Chinese instead!

Gennie & Nikhil - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewEr, so you’d turn your nose up at a lovely home-cooked dinner but be ok with a Take-Away full of fat, sugar and MSG then Nikhil? Didn’t you know: pasta’s very good for runners (ok, without the cheesy sauce!).  I loved her line, “Nikhil.  Shut up now.”  She should have tipped the lot into his lap, but – sensibly – put hers back into the oven to keep warm until he’d gone (I’d have done t’same).

She got a lot more confidence after that.

Nik: “Can’t we talk about this?”

Gennie (dismissively): “We just did.”  You ‘Go girl’!

Charity & Chas - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewCharity hadn’t realised what was going on, but Chas put her in the picture, and she soon got into the role of cupid in an effort to get them together.  I’ve loved the scenes between Charity and Chas this week. They’re so natural (and naturally funny), that the scenes flow like wine – and there’s never a bottle too far away from either of them usually!

Belle’s been playing a great part.  Bless; she so wants to be Amy’s friend, and she’s been a rock for her this week, but Amy’s not used to having someone looking out for her, so is swinging from sweet to sour with her. Poor Belle.  Young girls love an older ‘sister’ to look up to.

Val & Amy - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewI’m not sure Val sees Amy as the best role model in the world though. “I think it’s lovely that you’re taking her in hand – as long as you don’t get her blind drunk again,” she cautioned.

Amy must have been well drunk to have taken that white wine straight out of the rack and necked it though. It wasn’t even cold; what on earth was she thinking?! Belle’s a useful friend to have if you’re up the duff though; practical and matter-of-fact.  Just what you need in a crisis.

Belle: “Was there any blood when you went to the loo?”

Amy: “A bit.”

Belle: “That happens all the time.”

Amy: “How would you know?”

Belle: “We breed pigs.”

Amy: “Brilliant (!)”

Belle & Amy - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewAmy knew she was in trouble though. Telling Belle she’d got stomach cramps wasn’t going to make it go away, and she soon had to admit, “I can’t fart me way out of this one.” On the bright side though, her skin colour was almost ‘normal’ this week, so pregnancy’s clearly got its plus points!

Amy’s so pretty without make-up.  Her hair’s not fared so well though.  One of Brenda’s unfunny lines was actually funny this week.  “Your hair,” she opined thoughtfully as she looked at Amy’s cochinealed locks. “I don’t know if it’s the fashion, or a cry for help.”

Val had some brilliantly funny lines this week – and delivered them brilliantly well!  The way she was creeping round that Inspector, and explaining Amy and Victoria’s argument to him:  “Homeless in Hotten.  It breaks your heart, some of their tales,” she told him (almost tearfully), then rushed straight outside to warn them, “If anyone says anything, you two were sleeping in a shop doorway last week.”  Fabulous stuff!

They rarely have much background music in Emmerdale, but I’m glad to see they’ve started joining in my ‘Inappropriate/Appropriate Music playing in the background’ game this week.  Trouble is, they’re not playing them quite loud enough for me to be able to make out what some of them are, but Nicola and Jimmy were bickering in the cafe to Caro Emerald’sThat ManCLICK HERE FOR LYRICS

Subtle, it ain’t, but it was appropriate! When Nicky was flirting with Gennie in the cafe, I managed to discover that it was Josh Turner’s Your Man playing behind them. CLICK HERE FOR LYRICS

Jimmy got fed up with Nicola and went for a ‘direct’ approach, and they were finally reunited after going up to investigate kids apparently getting into Declan’s house.  Er, doesn’t it have an alarm?  As I wondered last week: who’s running the place when Nicola’s not there?  She even took the following afternoon off to go back to bed with Jimmy, so those kids could have been robbing the place blind while those two were busy catching-up!

Jimmy - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewAfter they’d had their unexpected reunion sex in Delcan’s bed, Nic suddenly realised what had happened. “I feel like I’ve had some kind of awful shock,” she said, stunned.

Jim (looking at his shoulder for marks): “Did I do something different?” he asked, confused. Er, we really don’t want to know the answer to that thanks!

She talked to Katie about it.  “I don’t even like him,” she groaned. “No, but unfortunately you love him,” Katie replied sagely!

Not much love up at the Barton’s – or common sense.  John came in and flicked the kettle on without checking to see if it had water in it.  He could have blown the fuse.  Honestly; he’s got enough money worries as it is, without having to fork out for a new kettle.  What on earth was he thinking?!

The Farm Boys - Emmerdale - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Emmerdale-y' reviewThey looked a bit odd in their white coats and hats in the new processing unit – as if they were about to launch into a song and dance routine from a 1950’s movie!

Let’s cheer ourselves up with the Grins of the Week.

HERE’S A VIDEO GRIN! (Didn’t think this would work. It’s a bit shaky, but only because it was a ‘Test’!) Press ‘Back’ afterwards to return to this page. I’ll find out how to get it to do that by itself for next week!)

Amy (to Belle): “Sorry.  I’ve been so busy helping Val at the B&B I’ve got no time for myself.”

Val: “Was that you busy, was it?” (To Belle): “I’d hate to see her when she’s not up to much.”

Brenda: “I’ll go and see our Gennie.  She’s seeing the vet you know?”

Hazel: “Why?  Is she not well?”

Val (over-enthusiastically): “Hi-ih!”

Amy: “You must be.”

Jim (to Nico outside the house after having had sex inside): “I think we should try again.”

Nicola: “What, out here?”

Val: “When are you going to get a sense of humour?”

Amy: “I don’t know.  Sorry.”  (Made me laugh!)

Diane (to Alex): “Every woman’s like target practise to you.”

Amy (to Vic): “Are you calling me fat?  Because that’s how fights start.”

PS Notice how Nikhil asked Lauren about his collar, and said he thought it was too big?  Honestly; I’ve been telling him that for weeks!

PPS The clock in the factory often doesn’t show the time that it probably ought to. Same with the clock in the Hospital.  It showed 5.45 when Belle arrived to visit Amy and asked her if she’d had any breakfast!

PPPS Emmerdale’s postman looked like the same guy as Corrie’s postman this week!


Do you reckon Nicky’s got a look of Antonio Banderas?


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