Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 28th August 2011

I’ve had a nice, but even busier week than normal.  My brother’s here on one of his flying visits back from Florida, and has brought my new iPad back with him, so he’s been showing me how to work it (and lots of other new things he’s discovered for my Mac), but it all cuts into the tiny amount of time I have in the evenings.

Unfortunately, I’ve not ‘bonded’ with it well yet, as Twitter doesn’t look the same as it does on my phone, and I need to spend a few hours really getting the hang of it and adding some Apps etc.  It resulted in me having to ‘Speed-watch’ the whole of the week’s TV for this blog in four hours on Friday night, and I wondered for a moment as to whether I’d even get this blog written, but I managed it in the end!

As you’ll know if you read last week’s blog, I had a pretty rough week last week.  It made me realise I need to think about a lot of things.  I’ve had a much better week this week, but the issue’s still the same: where am I going with all this?

While writing the ‘Soap-y Corner’ posts yesterday, I suddenly stopped and realised how much I enjoy doing them – which hasn’t helped my decision-making.  The dilemma I have is this:

I want to make a living (ie get paid), from my writing.  It’s what I’ve wanted to do right from being a child, but do I now focus on the blog/Soap/general side of it, or cut that right back and spend my time trying to not only publicise my book, but start submitting it again in an attempt to try to get an Agent, and also hopefully get round to writing my second book (which is written in my head)?

Eddie - Ab FabI can’t do both.  There’s not enough hours in the day, but if you remember, I’d said last week that every time I’d had to take one of two paths, I’d chosen what had turned out to be the ‘wrong’ one.  I simply don’t know what to do.

Either path would make me happy – writing-wise – but I have to do it with a view to making a living, as I can’t/don’t want to continue as I am: working two days a week cleaning (pleasant as that is), and living with my dad (less pleasant) …

It’s one of those moments where you need some sort of a ‘Divine Intervention’, or – at the very least – a bit of a hint from somewhere or something.  I’m chanting as I type darling.  Let’s hope ‘The Universe’ will give me some sort of a clue.  I’ll keep you posted, but any help/suggestions will be gratefully received!

I’ve also had an idea for a new blog post (huh, making MORE work for myself!), which you’ll all be able to join in with as it’s something you’ll all have an opinion on I suspect.  Unfortunately, I haven’t got time to do it today but will hope to have it set up by next week.

This is the last Bank Holiday in the UK before Christmas, and it marks the end of ‘Summer’.  As we haven’t really had a Summer this year (again), here in Swindon (and if anyone says it’s been nice, I won’t be responsible for my actions!), it’s just another day, and my family’s hopes of a Barbecue tonight have gone up in smoke.  We’ll be getting some sort of Take-away later, but it’s not what we’d have hoped for.  Grr.  Still, we muddle on don’t we, and I hope everyone manages to have a good time.

See you next week.  On with the blog …


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  1. Justin Kownacki August 28, 2011 at 5:56 pm #

    Actually, you’d be surprised how many hours there are in the day when you approach them differently. Instead of going all-in with one idea, why not subdivide your work time into sections, with a few hours (or even 30 minutes) allocated toward each of your major (or minor) goals? Stick to that plan for x amount of time (maybe two months) so those seeds have a reasonable amount of time to grow, and then — based on how far you’ve come, how easy it’s been, how enjoyable each task is, or which one(s) grow fastest — start downsizing from there. Maybe you start with 5 goals, and by November, having spent that much time on each of them has helped you realize you only need / want 3. Or, maybe one (which you initially thought less of) turns out to be the one that really fuels your fire (or leads to revenue). In that case, adjust your workflow accordingly.

    Or, if you MUST pick one, just dive in and do it 100%, because when you succeed, you won’t give yourself the opportunity to think of it as the “wrong” one.

    Either way, you want to make a move. I’d just suggest finding the process that best matches your goals / personality / self-control.

    • Jane August 29, 2011 at 9:06 am #

      Thanks Justin,
      That’s a great help, and I’ll be sure to use those tools from now on and see what comes of it!

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