Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 19th February 2012

Here’s this morning’s Sunrise over Swindon. It was blinding – literally!

I feel a bit cross with myself because I feel as if I’ve ‘wasted’ a week. The trouble was, I had something to ‘do’ every day (my cousin and family were visiting too), so everything just got more and more pushed-back, and when I DID actually manage to make it into my office I spent the whole time writing email applications and the week just disappeared in front of my eyes.

Friday – in particular – did, as I gave blood on Thursday afternoon and (for the first time), felt a bit dodgy afterwards. I felt really dizzy and light-headed all day, so it was a struggle trying to concentrate and focus.

My father’s Hospital appointment last Monday confirmed what we already knew: that his cancer’s inoperable. They’re going to consider Radiotherapy somewhere down the line, but as he’s not in any pain at the moment (apart from being breathless the whole time), they’re just going to let it ride.

That’s all my non-news for this week. It’s almost 8.00 pm on Sunday night as I write this and I haven’t even had my tea yet (although I’ve managed to sneak a glass of wine in!), so I’m going to finish now and get ready to watch a special Sunday-night Episode of Corrie at 8.30. Have a good week.


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