Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 4th March 2012

It’s been a bit overcast lately, so Sunrise over Swindon from my office has looked rather dull, but there was an unexpected snow shower which (although you can’t see the snow much in this photo), was quite heavy for a while. Notice how you can’t see anything above the houses because of the cloud (which was really white). First time that’s happened!

Good job I’ve got some lovely daffodils on my desk that I’m keeping a close eye on as they begin to open up. I adore daffodils, and it’s like Christmas morning, waiting and wondering what colour they’ll be. Yes, that’s how exciting my Christmas is!

It’ll be gone 11.00 on Monday morning as I post this blog. That’s the latest it’s ever been, and is – in part – down to the fact that I’ve been trying to pitch for some freelance writing work, and it just takes SO long to write emails etc that it’s pushed everything else back a bit further.

There’s also been a lot of stuff for me to tweet about over the weekend, as Mary Portas and her partner Melanie Rickey announced they’re expecting a baby.

Mary is a very high profile (and perfect), example of the sort of woman my novel “Just Good Friends?” is about, and you probably can’t even begin to imagine my frustration when I read things like this, as I just want to shout out, “READ MY BOOK, PLEASE!” to everyone who I think might even be remotely interested.

That – coupled with Sunday’s Upstairs Downstairs (which featured the ‘Ratings-boosting’ lesbian romance between two of the female characters), has taken up a lot of my time over the last 48 hours. I just don’t know what more I can do to try to tell everyone that I’ve written a book which I feel sure could be SO popular (my Coronation Street Carla/Michelle theory’s getting a lot of support!), yet which hardly anyone seems to know about.

I’m sorry to get all agitated, but I AM all agitated, and – please – if you’re reading this and know of either an Agent, journalist – or anyone else who you think might be remotely interested in my book etc, then PLEASE let me/them know. It might just save my sanity!

I did a Guest Blog on Morgen Bailey’s* site this week too. Morgen produces her blogs in a Q&A format which (I think), works really well. CLICK HERE TO READ and – like me – she’s about to leave work this weekend in order to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Good luck Morgen!

I’m in the middle of doing a few (paid) articles too, which I’ve GOT to get back to as I’ve got a deadline to meet, so I’m going to have to finish now. I need more hours in a day. Can anyone spare a few? No? Never mind; better crack on then! Have a good week everyone.

* Morgen Bailey (Twitter: morgenwriteruk). If you’re a writer who’d like to be considered for one of Morgen’s guest posts, CLICK HERE 


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  1. Morgen Bailey March 5, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    Thank you, Jane. Lovely to have you guest for me and I look forward to having you back. :)

    • Jane March 9, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

      And thank you for the opportunity, Morgen. :-)

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