Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 12th February 2012

It was a game of two halves this week. Grey skies, frost and snow over Swindon last week (the one on the left was taken out of my bedroom window on Friday), then a flaming start to the morning today.

Yes, I’m writing this on Monday morning. I only managed to get half a day’s work in on Saturday as I had twelve people for dinner on Saturday night so had to go and get that sorted.

It was 1.30 on Sunday morning before I put my light out and was up again at 6.45 to carry on with this blog, but I just ran out of time yesterday so came into my office extra early this morning to finish it all off.¬†As soon as I post it I’m going to make a large pot of coffee!

Today’s the day I go the Hospital with my father to see the Oncologist. I’m hoping we might get a better idea regarding the spread of his cancer, but he’s not had a good week. He’s been very tired, but says it’s simply because he isn’t getting any exercise. It’s very frustrating for him as he’s normally so active, but with the weather set to improve this week, hopefully he’ll be able to get out and about a bit.

The family I clean for on Wednesdays are away this week so I haven’t got to go to work. It’ll give me an extra day in the office, but the downside is that I won’t earn any money. That job is my only income currently (apart from the small amount of Royalties on my book sales – which help a bit), but I’ll have to go extra-steady this month.

Ha. I could quite easily lay down on the floor under my desk and go to sleep right now – to be honest, but I’d better press on. Definitely time for that coffee! Have a good week everyone.

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