Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 5th February 2012

It was Snow over Swindon last night, and Sunday Slush over Swindon this morning. A bunch of teenagers came and had a big snowball fight around 9.30 last night so the snow was all gone by this morning pretty-much, but it was nice for a couple of hours, wasn’t it?

Ok. I’ve been waiting to tell you about something that’s been ongoing. It’s taken three weeks to sort out and now it’s a really long story! It began when my web-hosting providers emailed to say they’d had a security breach and mine was one of 174 possibly ‘compromised’ accounts. They recommended I cancel my credit card.

I did so, and was told my new card would be with me within 7 days. After 9 days I rang and was gobsmacked to be told that it hadn’t been ordered. They apologised, gave me a £10 credit and assured me one would be with me in 3 days. It arrived after 4 days, and I went to authorise it online.

It wouldn’t work so I rang them. They said they’d never seen it happen before, but my card apparently had a different expiry date on it to the one that was on the system and that they’d have to send another. It would be there within 3 days.

After 4 days (last Saturday), I rang and was told it was on its way and had been ‘fast-tracked.’ The manager I spoke to was really apologetic and credited me £20. When it still hadn’t arrived on Monday I rang again and was told a card had been sent out to me and would be with me within 3 days.

“Er … what about the ‘fast-tracked’ card that was meant to have been here within 3 days, 5 days ago now?” I asked. The guy got quite shirty and pretty-much told me there wasn’t anything I could do so to stop moaning. I stewed on it overnight and rang the next day to ask to speak to a Supervisor.

The girl implied I was ‘after money’, so I pointed out that I’d already been given £30 (which I was very grateful for), but would have much sooner just have had my new card as it was causing me SO much inconvenience. She wasn’t bothered, and told me there was no point talking to a Supervisor.

I’ve now got my card, but when things like this go wrong it’s beyond frustrating, and I’m still fed up about it. The thing that’s wound me up the most is how the first guy simply hadn’t bothered to order my card – having gone all through it on the phone and assuring me it was done.

That’s just one side of it though. As for what’s happened on my website … I was told I was facing a bill of £3000 due to a huge spike on my site on 8th January (my first blog since Christmas). You can probably imagine how I’ve felt for the last three weeks, thinking I had that hanging over me.

I live hand-to-mouth as it is so was worried sick, and with the credit card thing + my dad’s recent news, it’s all been a bit stressful. They’ve now said it was a ‘blip’, but I’ve had three weeks of it and I’m just glad it’s over!

Not much else going on at the moment – thankfully. Have a good week everyone.

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