Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 11th March 2012

It was very overcast first thing, but by 7.45 I was able to take this rather nice shot of Sunrise over Swindon – although it wasn’t strictly sunrise by then, of course!

There’s a lot of daffodils in Swindon (along verges etc), and they’ve all started to bloom this week. It’s lovely to see, but as I was driving to my dad’s yesterday teatime it suddenly struck me that I might not actually be driving along that same road and seeing them this time next year.

My dad’s taken a bit of a turn for the worse over the last couple of days. It might be a simple bladder infection, or it might be the cancer moving up a gear. He’ll be going to the Doctor’s tomorrow morning, but it was a bit strange to suddenly think of what life might be like on this same day next year, and whether I’ll even still be in Swindon by then?

We had a Chinese last night. It was the usual crowd: one of my brothers, his wife and our two best friends. Normally my dad’s in the thick of it, but although he did come and sit down half way through and have a bit of food, he soon went back into the front room. I took him some pudding through, but it felt wrong for him not to be sat there with us …

As for my news: I’d said that I was trying to push out into other areas to try and gain a little more awareness of my work. It’s taking many hours of emailing etc, but it might be about to reap a little reward, and I hope I’ll be able to tell you what by next week.

It’s 8.00 am on Sunday morning as I write this section. I’ve been here over an hour already. I can see it’s going to be a glorious day out there (which is good for early March in the UK!), but I’ll be spending it in my office writing this blog – as usual.

While most people are off enjoying their weekends I’m always sat here working, and on a day like this it really makes me hope that all this struggle and sacrifice is going to be worth it at some point. I have got a little bit of Spring with me though. Here’s some lovely daffodils – which are sat on my desk just in my eyeline as I write.

Still: if I get on with it I might get finished while it’s still daylight so that I can get out and have a walk, and then tonight I have about 20 hours of TV to catch up on. Sunday’s my TV ‘night off’, as there’s no Soaps to watch so I can sit there and just enjoy a few things without having to be writing it all down as I go. Bliss!

Have a good week everyone. See you next week.

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