Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 25th March 2012

It’s Swindon Town’s Wembley Cup Final today, and as I drove through the mist past the County Ground at 6.45 this morning, there were already a few red shirts milling around. It’s going to be a lovely day, and here’s the Sunrise over Swindon from my office window at just after 7.00.

The sun finally came out this week, and it was all the excuse some people needed to strip off to shorts and skimpy tops (and the women!), but there was a cold breeze the whole time (well, it felt cold to me).

I need to live somewhere with a minimum temperature of 20 degrees, as Swindon’s rarely what I’d call ‘warm’. Warm – to me – is being able to go out without any sort of jacket of cardigan, and I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times that happened last year. I just need to work out a way of getting there …

In the meantime, I scared myself this week as I got really, really stressed. My ‘to do’ list now has over 40 items on it (and a lot of them are big ones), but they had to be put to one side while I struggled to get my first-ever posts uploaded to the prestigious US Digital Journal site.

Digital Journal have accepted my Soapy Corners onto their Entertainment section CLICK HERE TO GO TO DIGITAL JOURNAL, and I even get paid (per click)! It didn’t go to plan though (nothing ever does with me – as you know), and I had to post them without photos (which detracts from the effect as they’re an integral part of the posts), but I’m hoping I might be able to get it resolved this week.

Assuming I do, I’ll be so excited. Any regular reader of this blog will know just how hard I’m working to try and make a name for myself as a writer, and this could turn out to be a really big moment for me, but I need to get the photo issue resolved, so that’s another job to add to the list …

It got on top of me a bit, but after a wobbly day on Thursday I’ve got my mind back into gear. I just have to accept that there’s only so much I can do, and to just not get so frustrated with myself when I can’t get everything done.

Then there’s my dad to worry about. He’s no worse this week, but he’s no better, and as I put the key in the door every night I increasingly wonder what I’ll be walking into. It’s very hard to watch a parent go downhill, and he went to London for an appointment about his heart on Thursday, but they told him he wouldn’t now be able to survive the operation – which has been hard for him to take, as it was his last hope of being able to feel ‘better’ – even for a short while.

The daffodils above are the gorgeous ones I’ve got in my office right now, and I took the other photo last night when I was out for a little walk round The Lawns; a beautiful small wood with a couple of little lakes – only a five minute walk from my dad’s house. It’s a great place to go for a wander.

Right. That’s all my news. Have a good week everyone. Thanks for reading.

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