Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 1st April 2012

Let’s start with our Sunrise over Swindon, and rather spectacular it was, too! I took this at about 6.45 this morning.

Enjoy that? Right. Down to business.

The last few weeks have been the most difficult I’ve experienced for many years. With an ever-increasing workload (as well as the extra pressure/problems with my father’s illness), I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to cope and – to be honest – have felt as if I was heading for a breakdown.

My ‘to do’ list is longer than a toilet roll, and as well as working all day, I go home and work all night watching Soaps/TV etc until at least 9.30 for my blogs, by which time, all I’m fit for is falling into bed (and not even being able to read a book because my eyes won’t focus any more!), and simply lying there for half an hour or so, catching-up on everything I’ve recorded that isn’t ‘work’, before nodding-off.

After finding myself constantly on the verge of tears and feeling as if my body clock was whirring faster than Blackpool Illumination’s electricity meter, I knew something had to give.

It took a lot of hard thinking, but I knew I had to stop before it was too late. I seriously considered just literally closing my mac down and going off to look for a job, so that I could at least have some-sort of semblence of a ‘life’ (and a proper wage coming in) again, but I knew that if I did I’d end up regretting it, as I was also actually feeling as if I was on the verge of  finally beginning to ‘get’ somewhere.

There seemed like only one other option – apart from bread, red wine and pasta – but even though that’s my ‘drug of choice’ it doesn’t actually help (especially when I then feel fat the next morning!), so I did the only other thing that I thought might help, and that was to have some hypnosis.

That was on Thursday afternoon, and I can honestly say that I’ve felt like a new woman since. I seem to have got twice as much done in half the time, and suddenly feel as if I can cope with anything the world throws at me.

Oh, what a lovely story, and as far as work goes, I’ve also had quite a week. I posted my second week’s ‘Soapy Corner’ reviews to Digital Journal and wrote another piece for them on last week’s Britain’s Got Talent’s latest singing sensation, Jonathan Antoine: the new SuBo.


They’d wanted someone to write it, and it had a two-hour deadline. I’d got just over two hours before I had to go and do my Friday radio show, but clicked to accept the assignment and then wrote like crazy and posted it just under two hours later. It was SO exciting, and – for the first time ever – I really felt like a ‘proper’ writer as I’d met a ‘real, live’ deadline, and then had to fly out of my office to appear on the radio!

I’ve shared my highs and lows (well, mostly lows so far), with you all from Day One on these blogs, and have always said that when the day comes when I’ve got something good to tell you, you’ll all be the first to know.

For the first time since I left work – five years ago this week – I feel as if I might finally be getting somewhere. All I need now is to keep writing (and earn some money!), for my dream of actually making a living as a writer to come true, and – trooper than I am – I’ll be posting a full blog as normal next Sunday, even though it’s Easter!

Have a great week everyone.

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