Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 2nd Oct 2011

I made a rod for my own back again this week, but I knew what I was up-against … or at least I thought I did!

I debated as to whether to include this photo or not. It’s not easy trying to take a (tasteful) photo of your own bottom with a mobile phone, I can tell you (I had to stand in front of a mirror and use the reflection), and it doesn’t show it at its full blackness, but the digestive biscuit-sized bruise which you can see there on my right buttock (which is making sitting quite uncomfortable right now!), is a result of my unfortunate encounter with a large stone embedded in the grass at the edge of the path outside my dad’s house which I landed on after his ladder collapsed with me five feet up it!

There’s an explanation as to how and why it happened below. I wrote it in one hit on Saturday, and haven’t edited it etc, so if it’s a bit rough around the edges, then that’s nothing in comparison to how I felt at the time!

You’ll notice if you read this whole blog, that there’s a lot of pictures. Now that I’m up and running at taking my own photos from the TV, it’s brilliant – on one hand -but the downside is that it’s taking me an age to do.

This week will be easier, as the system I’d used this week didn’t work 100% and I ended up taking loads of photos I didn’t need, yet missed out on some I DID, but I’ve got it sussed for this week now. You wouldn’t believe how long it takes, but I’m such a perfectionist, that I make life harder for myself sometimes, as not only am I writing, but now I’m a photographer too!

Never mind. I’m hoping that it’ll be smoother this week, although it’s my friend’s 50th on Saturday and we’re going for a meal and I’m staying at their house overnight, so that’ll give me a problem.  Still, I’ll worry about that then. For now, I’m just glad to be about to finally post this week’s blog.

After missing out on most of this wonderful weekend weather, I was so tired at 4.00 on Sunday afternoon that I simply had to walk away, and I found a Hotel where I was able to sit outside and just chill for an hour. I was the only person there, before a lad came to sweep the leaves up. He put some music on his phone and set it on the table beside me, and I listened to Art of Motion by a guitarist called Andy McKee apparently, while he swept up around me. It was a very nice moment.

Aside from that, this week, I’ve got ‘Jane’s Soapy Slot’ on The Big Weekender with Nick and Barry at 4.15 every Friday, my new half-hour spot on Thursdays between 11.30-12.00 on Swindon 105.5 FM (you can listen live online) CLICK FOR SITE, on Alastair Greener’s new show ‘The Big Morning’, and I’m also guesting on Girls About Town on Wednesday between 11.00-12.00, where we’ll be discussing my novel – which they’ve all been reading apparently!

Last Friday I went with them for our night at Bottelino’s in Swindon for the Butlers in the Buff Event. The place was packed and very lively. I have to say that it wasn’t really my cup of tea (as I was feeling a bit under the weather and not drinking either), but everyone else had a ball (see more in the ‘And Finally …’ section).

Apologies again for not having posted this yesterday, but presumably you’d have been outside yourselves, and not even noticed (or cared) it hadn’t appeared! See you next week.

PS: Here’s a link for watching UK TV shows when you’re not in the UK: bit.ly/oVMz60

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