Jane Reynolds' Weekly Magazine/Blog – 25th Sept 2011

I REALLY bit off more than I could chew this week. I was busy four nights on the trot, and despite trying to do my TV viewing at gone midnight (but falling asleep) and then waking up to watch at 5.00 the next morning, I still didn’t have enough time to fit it all before Saturday morning (when I begin to write-up this blog). I’ve got a similar problem this week too, but I’ll worry about that later!

It became clear very early yesterday morning that I wouldn’t get the blog posted (not unless I wanted to rush it and do ‘half a job’, but that’s not me), so I put out a Tweet to tell everyone, and then settled down to work at it patiently, rather than feeling completely stressed-out (as I would if I’d tried to post it last night).

Part of what’s taken so long is that I can now upload MY OWN photos from TV shows (rather than rely on Google), and that’s taken a lot of time as I’ve been getting used to it. I’ve wasted many hours trying to find suitable pictures to accompany each week’s posts, but now I can just pause the recording, take a photo on my iPhone and then upload it. Yay!

What I did wrong this week was ‘bookmark’ photos as I watched, but when I came to write-up the posts, I needed a few others which I didn’t have. THIS week, I’ll be writing the posts, then zipping through the recordings on Saturday night to get what I actually NEED. That’ll save time next week!

Alastair Greener - Jane Reynolds' weekly magazine/blogAside from that, I’ve had a busy week, and as well as ‘Jane’s Soapy Slot’ on The Big Weekender with Nick and Barry at 4.15 every Friday, I’m going to be starting a new half-hour spot on Thursdays between 11.30-12.00 on Swindon 105.5 FM this week (you can listen live online) CLICK FOR SITE, on Alastair Greener’s new show ‘The Big Morning’. We met last week and hit it off straight away.

He’s worked for Cunard for many years and has got a really interesting site: CLICK HERE FOR ALASTAIR’S WEBSITE

I hate having to have posted this blog a day late. It won’t matter to anyone except me I don’t suppose, but I’m still sorry, and hope you’ll enjoy it!

PS: Here’s a link for watching UK TV shows when you’re not in the UK: bit.ly/oVMz60

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