Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 10th February 2013

IMG_1568Here’s a lovely Sunrise Over Swindon photo I had to stop the car and take as I drove back to my dad’s house after my cleaning job at 7.15 am last Friday morning. Gorgeous, aye?

Right. It’s now Monday and I’m in the front room attempting to write this short post. I’m daddysitting at 2.00, but it’s proving more difficult to finish these few paragraphs than it ever does to produce the whole of my Soapy Corners normally.

Unfortunately, the years I spent Housekeeping – combined with my inherent need for order (and to have got all the day’s ‘proper’ work done before starting on anything of my own: a trait inherited from my mother’s Hardworking Yorkshirewoman’s side of the family!) result in me hardly being able to apply myself to anything work-related for longer than five minutes at a stretch unless I’m sitting at a desk and safe in the knowledge that I’ll be free of interruptions for a couple of hours at least. That’s why I’ve had to rent an office for the last two years.

I’m also an ‘early bird’ and do my best work in the early mornings. By 2.00 I’m pretty much done for the day (creatively-speaking) so would do 6.00-3.00 ish in my office, go to the gym on the way home and then get all the rest of the the day’s bits and pieces out of the way before I sat down at 6.00 pm to do some tweeting and start the night’s Soap-watching for my Soapy Corners.

My brothers and I are currently doing this rota system of care for my dad and I’m doing most of the early shifts so am already drained by the time I even think of getting my mac out, but as I still have to fit all my ironing work/radio shows in too, doing any ‘proper’ work is just beyond me at the moment.

I don’t think we realised just how much of a strain it was going to be caring for our father. He’s become a lot more forgetful over the last week and is now saying that he wants the curtains closed (his hospital bed is in the back room overlooking the garden) because the thinks that children on their way to school are looking in and laughing at him.

There’s no way that anyone could see him (the garden is completely enclosed and not near the road), but it’s little things like that which are hard to know how to answer as he’s adamant about it – and about things like saying that he hasn’t had his porridge when he has, etc.

It just shows how fit he was before this all hit him though as – despite barely eating and drinking now – he’s still hanging-in there. The district nurses and the carers (who are now coming in four times a day to attend to him) are all wonderful, and it certainly helps break up the days – although we now have so many visitors that there barely seems to ever be a moment of ‘quiet’ at all!

As for my Soap-watching: I only caught up on Emmerdale and Coronation Street after a mammoth session last night, and I still haven’t watched Thursday or Friday’s EastEnders – although I’m very reluctant to as I can’t bear to watch Nina Wadia’s final scenes as Zainab. I’m so sorry that she’s left. Her departure will be a BIG loss to the show – in more ways than one.

I won’t be doing my ‘Soapy Corners Live on Tellyspy this week (because it’s half term and Daniel’s away) and I won’t be able to write a Soapy Corner blog again this week as I simply don’t have the time at the moment. I do apologise, and hope you all understand. It’s agony though, as there’s SO much I want to say!

I won’t be able to do my Soapy Spot on Alastair Greener’s Big Mid-morning show from 10.45-11.15 on Thursday this week either (as I’ve got to go and do one of my ironing jobs – which earn me money so have to come first!), but I will be co-presenting my TGI Friday show with Paul Dawkins from 4.00-5.00 pm on Friday on Swindon 1055.com.

‘Jane’s Soapy Corners’ have gone digital. Simply download the Podcasts App onto your iPhone or iPad then search for Tellyspy and all the previous editions are on there.

Let’s see that the next week brings. Have a good week everyone!

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