Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 22nd April 2012

Here’s this morning’s Sunrise over Swindon. A bit dull and overcast, but there it is anyway!

It’s Monday 7.20 am as I start writing this bit. That’s too late. I’ve got to be strict and not do ANYTHING on a Friday night, as it puts me ‘on the back foot’ all weekend and makes the blog late.

If I don’t post it until mid-morning on a Monday I have to spend the rest of the day doing all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff (which means I effectively ‘lose’ a day), and I can’t afford to lose that much time.

Even though I rarely do anything or go anywhere, If I DO end up doing something on a Friday night it’s spoiled because of the knock-on effect it causes. I HAVE to have got Friday night’s Soaps watched before I can start writing my Soapy Corners, and I’m generally at my desk by 7.00 am on a Saturday morning.

If I’ve been out, even though I’ll start watching at 5.00 am, by the time I’ve finished; got to my office; made some toast and coffee (I’m always hungry by then!), and finally get sat down, it’ll be almost 9.00. Those early-morning hours from 7.00 are my most productive, and are the equivalent of at least three hours by 9.00.

That’s what happened this weekend, and with WordPress deciding to have one of its Sunday go-slows, I finally gave up last night after a twelve-hour day, but was up at 6.00 this morning to get back in to finish it off. As I don’t even get paid for it, it’s not worth the stress, so if you want to ask me out on a date (ha, as if!), don’t ask me on a Friday!

Right. Here’s this week’s blog. Have a good week and I’ll see you next week. Thanks for reading. J

Can I help you?

If you like what I do and have any writing needs, then maybe I can help?

Using correct grammar, punctuation and having sentences that ‘read’ properly can mean the difference between your application form/CV etc securing you an interview or being thrown straight into the bin/deleted from a potential employer’s inbox.

A Business website, too, can lose you many potential new customers if it’s poorly-worded or is full of grammatical errors, and I’m regularly bemused to see mistakes on even some of the UK’s biggest companies’ sites (despite having no-doubt paid a great deal of money to a ‘professional’ to produce).

I’m known among my family and friends as ‘The Pen’ as I’ve sent many a successful letter out on their behalf over the years! As well as being a novelist and Award-winning Soap blogger I can also write in many other styles and genres. Part of my job as Trainer for a Multinational Company during the 1990s was to develop and write training courses/manuals.

I passionately believe that ALL instruction manuals (and those on websites), should be written in plain, simple English, as part of the reason so few of us are able to use electrical appliances etc to full capacity is that the instruction manuals are just too complicated to understand.

Do you have a speech or report to write – or a presentation to give? Do you think your application form/CV/website etc might be improved with a ‘makeover’ or perhaps benefit from someone casting an eye over it? If so, I’d be delighted to help.

I’ll either check your document over and re-word/correct any errors, or could write what you need from scratch. Just send me an email in the first instance via my Contact Page and I’ll get straight back to you to discuss your requirements.

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