Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 26th August 2012

We haven’t had ‘Sunrise over Swindon’ for months. Even though I’m an early bird, even I’m not at my desk at 4.30 am during the Summer to photograph the dawn, but I did take photos of the thunderstorm we had on the afternoon of Saturday 25th.

I took these from my office window at about 2.30 pm. The one on the left was as I looked right and saw it approaching, and the one on the right is the view as I look directly out from my window.

Right. On with the blog …

I’ve had quite a nice week this week.

Nothing’s happened (will it ever?), but even though I still haven’t made a decision as to where I’m going with all this writing stuff (I can’t write books, be a Soap blogger AND do the hundred other things I want to do that I never get time to do), I feel as if things are moving in the right direction – whatever ‘direction’ that might be!

I’ve felt very unmotivated lately. It’s been very hard for me to do anything other than tread water as I’ve got so much to do I just don’t know where to start. I can’t even make a list, because I HAVE to choose one road to go down before I can put all my energies into it.

Unlike Dorothy – who had a Yellow Brick Road to follow – I’m more like the Prince (well, the ugly sister), trying to find a way to Cinderella’s castle but unable to find the path because it’s so overgrown. He didn’t just give up because he couldn’t see the road clearly ahead of him, and neither will I. I just need to get this blindfold off and hope for daylight.¬†Oh, you get the gist. I’m just carrying on plugging away!

In other news: my father’s had a ‘good’ couple of months. He’s felt quite well and fairly positive (even saying that people live for years with cancer and that they might have got it wrong), but he’s not been at all well this week, and is in some discomfort.

He says he thinks he’s got a ‘chill in his stomach’. Let’s hope it is, but that doesn’t seem to be a very likely explanation. He’s in pain (and LOOKS in pain), and has lost his appetite too. We had a cancer nurse come to visit this week. There is so much help available (which we haven’t needed so far), that no matter how much we complain about this country sometimes, we should be very thankful for at times like this.

What will the next seven days bring? I really feel that something’s about to happen. Ha, I’ll probably fall down the stairs and break my leg or something! Have a good week everyone and I’ll see you next week.

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