Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 2nd September 2012

‘What a difference a day makes’ – as the song goes. Well, a week, in my case. I said I’ve been having a feeling that things are starting to happen … and – at last – hopefully they are.

So much has gone on this week that it’s been hard to take in, and as I write this I’m already worn out, but I’ve now got the two busiest weeks I’ve had for a long time (and I’m ALWAYS busy!) coming up over the next two weeks.

Most of it I can’t actually talk about yet, and (as per) I won’t be earning any money from any of it, but career-wise it’s all a few steps in the right (or at least ‘a’) direction.

Just a ‘heads up’ to let you know that I’ll be taking part in the Northampton Booqfest on Sunday 16th September CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. More on this next week.

Have a good week everyone.

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