Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 19th August 2012

My week away …

It was nice to have a break but – as predicted – I barely got any of things I wanted to do done, and it’s taken me a week to get back to normal since (there was a lot of Soap-watching to do!).

There was a big sreen set up in Princes’ Park and I spent half my Saturday morning watching Tom Daley’s semi-final heats. That was great fun, and we spent more time than we’d intended watching the Olympics that week.

Eastbourne’s a wonderful place. The weather wasn’t that special this time, unfortunately. I got bitten by bugs, and sleeping under canvas just isn’t me. My friends’ caravan was great, but they were snuggled up at night and I was on a blowup bed in the awning. (I’m hoping they’ll have upgraded to a bigger one by next year!)¬†Getting back into my own bed on Monday night was a joy.

I took this photo on Friday morning as I walked into the centre after having been out extra early to buy freshly caught squid and prawns for our barbecue that night. My friend has got all the photos on her phone, but – trust me – it all tasted delicious!

I’d been hoping for some sort of ‘epiphany’ over my Soap-blogging/Book-writing dilemma but it didn’t come. I’m spreading myself too thinly and not achieving anything properly. This has to change, and now I’m back I’m on it like a car bonnet.

I’ll have to leave it there. It’s 11.58 on Monday and I promised to have it out by 12.00. Have a great week everyone!

PS My new internet Soap show ‘Jane’s Soapy Corner’ starts next Wednesday 29th at 6.00 pm (BST) on Tellyspy.

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