Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 30th December 2012

Hello everybody.

I thought I’d start with a couple of my usual Sunrise Over Swindon photos.

The one on the left was taken as I left the house on Thursday 20th December, and I took the one on the right when I got to my office a few minutes later.

I’ve finally managed to find a moment to sit down to write but am having to keep breaking off to go upstairs to see to my father.

His cancer has accelerated so much since my last blog. He’s virtually bed bound now, and is literally skin and bone.

He’s barely eating and I sat up for an hour holding his hand at 2 am this morning while he tried to get to sleep. He just wants to die, but because we’re not able to simply give him a pill to send him to sleep and put him out of his misery – like you would with an animal – we’re having to stand by helplessly as our father withers away in (thankfully not too much at present) pain. How can this be right?

After finally completing my tax stuff and dropping it off to my accountant last Sunday morning (yay), the rest of the last ten days have been spent either in a supermarket, the kitchen, or doing something or other connected with my father. I’d never have believed how much ‘other’ work there was connected to looking after an invalid – aside from actually caring for the person.

I’ve also got one ear open all night listening-out for him in case he calls for me and – to top it all – I’ve got a bad knee but don’t know why. I’d been intending going to the gym early every morning over Christmas but can still barely put any pressure on my right leg – let-alone do any exercise.

That’s the LAST thing I need, and I just feel as if all the time and effort I’ve put in at the gym has been a complete waste of time as it’s such a disappointment to find myself ‘injured’ instead of fit, so here’s a funny picture I saw on Twitter (or somewhere) last week to cheer me/us up!

My father’s doctor’s team and the various cancer nurses I’ve been dealing with have been a complete Godsend. I don’t know what I’d have done without them over this last couple of weeks, and they’ve even organised for a proper hospital bed to be delivered after the New Year so that we can move him downstairs to the back room.

That’ll be a challenge, as I haven’t got a clue what I’m going to do with all the stuff that’s in there …

Still; that’s a few days away so I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Tomorrow I have to go and do some cleaning/ironing, and after Wednesday it all starts to get a bit tricky when life returns to normal after the Christmas break and I have to leave the house for longer than a couple of hours at the crack of dawn to go food shopping!

I’ve made the decision not to go to my office to work, BUT I’m a bit concerned about how effective that’s going to be as there’s always a constant stream of interruptions here and I’ve barely managed to get online at all in the last ten days.

This is why there’s no Soapy Corners this week. I’d fully intended to put a big blog out this weekend, but – apart from Christmas Day Corrie (which I commandeered the main TV for), I’ve only been able to ‘speed-watch’ this week’s Soaps and just haven’t got/had time to write a word.

I’m so very sorry, as I’ve got a lot to say – especially about Derek’s death (and the flamin’ rest of it!) on EastEnders, and I couldn’t help noticing, too, that Derek bears a striking resemblance to Lou Costello from the revered comedy duo Abbott & Costello, doesn’t he? It’s a bit strange that they’re both dead though, innit? How do you explain THAT one away then, aye? (!)

I’m also vexed by Carla’s return (what a swizz that was; we thought we’d been promised ‘something explosive’) in Corrie, but I’ll be using every spare minute to cram as much as I can into a big ‘New Year Special’ next Sunday (6th January) instead!

TellyspyMy radio stuff all starts again this week too, so (unless my father takes a turn for the worse) I’ll be doing my Soapy Spot on Alastair Greener’s Big Mid-morning show from 10.45-11.15 on Thursday and co-presenting my TGI Friday show with Paul Dawkins, 4.00-5.00 pm on Friday; both on Swindon 1055.com, and ‘Jane’s Soapy Corners’ are LIVE as usual from 6.00-6.30 pm every Wednesday night on Tellyspy.

‘Jane’s Soapy Corners’ have also gone digital. Simply download the Podcasts App onto your iPhone or iPad then search for Tellyspy and they’re all there.

This really wasn’t how I’d intended my last blog of 2012 to be. I’d hoped to do some Soapy Corner Soap Awards (like: Couple Who Really Need to Call it a Day Now Award for Kat and Alfie), but my dad has to take priority at the moment.

2013 will be a year of great change for me. My father’s house will have to be sold, and once it has, not only will our family not have a home/base any more but I won’t have anywhere to live either.

have to find some way of earning some money for my writing in the near future or I’ll have to go back to work (as a Housekeeper, I guess) once I’ve completed the huge task of selling/clearing the house etc, but we all need to earn a living from somewhere, don’t we?

I’d like to wish everyone reading this blog (and all my lovely Twitter followers) a very Happy New Year, and hope that 2013 is both prosperous and rewarding for you all. Jane X


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