Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 13th January 2013

I was determined to get my Soapy Corners out this week and (at 12.45 on Monday) I’ve finally managed it! It’s not been easy, as we’ve had a challenging week as my father declines further and faster by the day.

He can’t even sit up any more, and would be in constant pain now if it weren’t for the liquid morphine he’s on (he can’t swallow tablets now without being immediately sick), and we’re also having to give him liquid paracetamol inbetween the morphine doses to help keep the pain at bay.

When we settled him down to sleep last night he said, “I think I might die tonight”. He didn’t, but I’m not sure he’ll last another week, to be honest.

We’ve started on a proper rota system today which my brother devised so that we can all have a bit of ‘guilt-free’ time away from the house, or even just from being ‘on duty’.

It’s enabled me to finish the blog this morning while my brother Michael’s done his stint until 2.00, then I’m on from 2-6 today before I start tonight’s Monday Soap-watching marathon!

I don’t know what we’d have done without the support of the local Prospect Hospice and Cancer nursing teams. I’m only a phonecall away from help, support or advice, and it’s been very reassuring for me to know they’re there to rely on for help as our father’s condition has deteriorated.

He’s now in a proper hospital bed in the back room downstairs, and a carer has just been here to wash him and change his sheets, etc. Because he can’t sit up any more it’s been brilliant for her to be able to just press a button to raise the bed up, and I’m sure it’s made it a lot more comfortable for him.

Things are changing almost by the hour now. His breathing started becoming laboured yesterday afternoon, and – as I said – it can only be a matter of time now. Let’s see what the week brings, but I’ll do my very best to bring you a full Soapy Corner post again next week.

I’ll be doing my Soapy Spot on Alastair Greener’s Big Mid-morning show from 10.45-11.15 on Thursday and co-presenting my TGI Friday show with Paul Dawkins from 4.00-5.00 pm on Friday; both on Swindon 1055.com, and ‘Jane’s Soapy Corners’ are LIVE as usual from 6.00-6.30 pm every Wednesday night on Tellyspy.

‘Jane’s Soapy Corners’ have also gone digital. Simply download the Podcasts App onto your iPhone or iPad then search for Tellyspy and they’re all there.

Have a good week everyone.

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