Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 15th July 2012

It’s been a funny old week – and one which didn’t turn out the way I’d expected it to.

I’ve made some big decisions, and have a new outlook on many things. As usual, nothing’s actually changed for me, but I’ve got a whole new perspective and am looking forward to taking some big steps forward in the next few weeks.

I switched the radio on while I was working on Saturday afternoon and was gobsmacked to hear my book being compared (in a good way!) to Fifty Shades of Grey. All I need now is for a few more people to spread the word that there’s a hot, sexy novel out there where no woman has to be a sex slave to a man and I’ll definitely be taking a few of those big steps!

I’m taking lots of steps at the gym. I’ve been almost every day for a month now and am looking far less like a rugby ball than before. I just need to drop another three or four pounds and I’ll be back into my jeans again. It’s just lucky that we haven’t had any summer, as I wouldn’t have been able to get into any of my clothes up till now!

Right. It’s 5.30 pm on Sunday. Will just post this blog then call in at the gym on the way home. I don’t feel like it today, but I’ll go. What a hero!

Have a good week everyone.


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  1. TelePicks July 16, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    Good luck in the gym keep it up!

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