Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 5th August 2012

I’m in holiday mode this week. Well, no, I’m not really, but I AM going for a week in Eastbourne with my two friends. The weather’s not looking too special, but I’ve got a list as long as my arm of ‘housekeeping’ jobs to do on my Mac while I’m sitting around ‘signal-less’ in their caravan!

Trouble is, that defeats the object of going away. I need to do lots of walking (to make up for not being able to go to the gym), but I also want to sit around in cafes drinking coffee, and actually find time to READ A BOOK too!

I already know that – realistically – it ‘ain’t going to happen though, and I can predict that I’ll be sat here a week on Sunday writing about how I didn’t get anything done and don’t feel rested at all!

I’ve got to try not to let the week run away with me. Setting off at 5.00 am on Monday morning will give me a head start on the day (my friends are making their own way down in the caravan), and that’s why there’s only a ‘Soapy Roundup’ this week, as my Soapy Corner admin takes the best part of the day on Monday so I just wouldn’t have been able to fit it all in today (Sunday).

I’ll try to keep up with the Soaps while I’m away, but it’ll probably be on ITV2 or Catchup, (my evenings will be spent concentrating on food and wine!), and I’ll be recording all the Omnibus editions so will have them all to come back to if I don’t manage to stay up to date.

I’ll still be tweeting (signal permitting) and keeping up with everyone else’s news on Twitter so I won’t be totally out of the Soapy loop, and I’ll look forward to reading what’s occurin’ with everyone whenever I can. Bye!

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