Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 3rd November 2013

SunsetoverSwindonMy blogs always used to start with a ‘Sunrise Over Swindon’ photo which I used to take from the window of my top floor rented office (where I was nearly always there in time to to capture the break of day!).

Now that I’ve moved I no longer have the office, but DO now live on the third (top) floor of a small block of flats in Swindon and am lucky enough to be able to look out on the most amazing sunSETS. One extreme to the other, aye, but they’re giving me a whole new batch of photos to start the week with. Here’s the first, and now onto this week’s post:

It’s been a bit of a shock to my system to have to sit and write a whole blog again. Three full days so far and I’m still at it, but that’s because I’ve had a little extra work to do too.

My first two Soap spots have appeared onĀ Yahoo! TV‘s Soap pages today (click on the link to read exclusive Soap content not featured in my Soapy Corners). It’s been a challenge to post them alongside the first Soapy Corners for the best part of a year (my father had cancer and died in March so I’ve had many other things to attend to over the last few months), but I’ve managed it, and by the time I post this I’ll have about three hours before I have to start all over again!

It’s lovely to be back though, but I’ve got a lot of ground to recover in many different ways; not least that I’ve got to get my tax return done! If you’re a regular reader you might remember that I was in a similar position at this time last year (simply because I’d got behind with my accounts), but the events of this year have left me with several large boxes of paperwork which need to be sorted before I can even start on the tax bit, so I’m a bit unsure as to where I’m going to find the time.

images‘Positive Mental Attitude’, that’s the key to it all. I’m smiling bravely at the thought of the task ahead. *sobs* No, only joking! I’ll get it done. After seeing what my father went through during his last few months I’m just grateful to be fit and well (hopefully, anyway), and am ’embracing’ life wholeheartedly. Well … something like that!

My site’s going to be getting a makeover fairly soon too. That’s another thing on the list, but I’ve finally found myself an excellent chappie who’s going to sort all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff out and then turn his attention to the layout etc, so watch this space!

There’s also a competion in this week’s Corrie Corner where you can win a lovely box set of Meerkat books, courtesy of Comparethemarket.com.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you next week.



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