Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 20th May 2012

It felt like the middle of Winter outside this morning. There was a really cold wind blowing, and the skyline was dull and grey. Hardly Sunrise Over Swindon: not even ‘sunrise’, as there was no sun (and I took today’s photo at 7.00 am), but you get the gist!

This week’s been spent trying to buy another car. I thought mine had given up the ghost (or was having a hot flush!), last week, but the tin of Bar’s Leaks my dad poured into the radiator last Sunday afternoon actually seemed to do the trick and it’s been fine since.

It was an omen though, and as it’s an old car and there were several other things that had been starting to concern me (not least, the radio switching itself off every five minutes!), I knew in my waters that it was time to buy another car – and quick.

It’s hard trying to buy a car on a small budget, but my friend trawled Swindon’s Car Dealers with me and was invaluable in helping me secure the purchase of a right little bobby dazzler. I picked it up on Saturday afternoon and am pleased with it, BUT the time it’s taken has resulted in me having done virtually NO work at all this week.

As I write this (1.30 pm Sunday), I’ve still got two episodes of EastEnders to watch before I can even start on ‘Queen Vic Corner’, and I’ve got all the photos to take/upload for the other ‘Soapy Corners’.

I’m falling asleep here, but have to push on as I’ve got so much work outstanding now that it’s scaring me. The stupid thing though, is that almost none of it is PAID work. Just how long do you keep flogging yourself before you accept that you have to stop? I love what I do: I just need to be paid to do it!

Every morning I wonder whether today’s going to be the day when my luck changes, and every night I go to bed realising it wasn’t. Still; those six hours sleep (I can’t spare the time for any more!), are a little break from it all, but that Gym I’ve joined has finally opened this week and I’ve now got the added pressure of feeling I should be in there every day.

Trouble is, I’ve got a car to pay for now as well, so I need to earn some money. I didn’t become a EuroMillions millionaire on Friday night, so it’s another week of tapping-away for me (with fingers crossed the whole time – which doesn’t make typing very easy)!

On Wednesday night I stayed with my friends who were dog-sitting for the week. This is Holly, the little dog. HOW cute?

Talking of dogs: some of you will know Harvey (the dog at the house where I clean on Wednesdays). The poor old lad’s got diabetes and is now on a strict diet. I think he’s a bit fed up, but that’s life, aye? Bless him.

The little duck’s back on her feet too. She was only nesting; she hadn’t got the bug that killed the chicken, thank goodness. When I was ironing last week, out of one window I could see the two ducks (and a couple of baby bunnies hopping in and out of the hedge), and out of the other window I could see two deer in the field at the back of the house. That’s rather nice, isn’t it?

Must go. Don’t forget my new feature: Carla Corner (if that’s your thing). Have a good week.

PS 2.30 pm Monday: WordPress has been on the slowest go-slow EVER today, and despite having been at my desk since 6.30 am this morning (after 5 hours sleep again), I’ve literally only just been able to post it now. It should have been out by 11.00 am latest. I despair …

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