Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 27th May 2012

Ok. Here’s something you don’t see very often: Sunshine Over Swindon! I took this at 12.30 pm on Sunday. It’s a glorious day out there. I’m in my office, but not for much longer, as – dammit – I’m going to take an hour out to go and have a walk before it starts raining again (this is the UK, after all)!

I’ve had a few teething troubles with my ‘new’ car. One of them was that I worked 12 hours at my cleaning job this week then went out to find it completely dead and had to wait an hour for the breakdown guy to come.

There were compensations. I sat in the garden with Mrs S and had a teensy glass of crisp, chilled white; the kids were running around; the ducks were bustling about; bunnies were chasing each other in and out of the hedges, and Harvey the dog laid there watching the world go by.

The barbecue was on, and it was almost a shame when the guy turned up! It turned out that with the make of car I’ve got now, if you leave the keys in it drains the battery. I won’t make that mistake again! Other than that, I’m dead pleased with it. It’s very nice, and when I can afford it I’ll get something so that I can use my iPod in it too. That’ll feel REALLY exciting!

Other than that, it’s just been another week of more of the same. Ha. I really can’t continue like this. I’m constantly treading water like a duck, but don’t move (career-wise or physically)! I haven’t even been to the new gym I’d joined as I simply haven’t had a moment, and I really MUST be firmer at saying no when people suggest doing things on Friday nights.

My brother suggested a barbeque for Friday night, and because there are so few days in the UK when you CAN actually have one, I said yes. I really wanted one, and we had a good time – apart from the gale force wind and the fact that my dad’s garden gets no sunlight so it was pretty damned cold (even though it had been 29 degrees that afternoon!), but I paid for it.

I didn’t watch Friday night’s Soaps, which meant that I had to force myself to wake up at 5.00 am on Saturday (I was SO tired!), to watch/make notes on 2 hours of Soaps before going to my office to start work. I didn’t actually ‘start’ work properly until about 9.00, whereas I’m usually at my desk by 7.00 am at the latest on a Saturday, and have really ‘broken the back’ of it by mid-morning.

By mid-afternoon I’d lost my concentration for actually ‘writing’ (and was feeling super-tired!), so had to call it a day. It’ll be Monday before this blog comes out. I hate that. It’s very stressful for me, so I really must say NO next time. Here’s a lovely little picture of the two ducks doing a bit of nesting on Thursday morning (before Mrs S stuck her hand in and got the eggs out!).

My dad’s not too bad, but has now virtually given up his job (I’ll try and write about it next week: no time today), and my brother’s taking over the reins. It’s very sad – for him, especially, as it’s yet-another thing he just can’t do any more. It’s when he stops driving that’ll hit him the hardest. I don’t really like him driving now as it is, but can’t stop him. It needs to be his decision …

Anyway. Next week’s blog will definitely be out on Monday and not Sunday, as Mr & Mrs S have invited me to their ‘Royal Party’ as a guest – not to work, yay! It’s going to be a big ‘do’, with hog roast; jazz band and lots of wine, so I’m going there next Sunday afternoon. The only problem is: I have to wear red, white and blue and I haven’t got anything appropriate. I’ll need to think about that one.

Have a good week everyone, and for those of you who are getting a nice long break next weekend; enjoy the anticipation, and let’s hope the British weather doesn’t ruin it for us!

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