Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 3rd June 2012

It’s a Jubilee edition this week, and as I sit here on Sunday morning writing this little bit, it’s ‘flaming’ June alright – but not flaming hot.

Last week we were all basking in glorious sunshine, and the newspapers were boasting that it was hotter in London than in Morocco, well whoop-di-doo. Today will be wall-to-wall sunshine in Morocco (and most of the rest of the world), but here in England, it’s raining …

The Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations, Street parties and events of every type will be ruined by the British weather. I’m invited to a ‘Royal’ garden party this afternoon.

There’s meant to be a hog roast; barbecue; jazz band; bouncy castle and a hundred people attending the home of Mr & Mrs S (where I go cleaning once a week), but it’s chucking it down outside and they’ve now got to try and hold it indoors. It’s heart-breaking that on this one day of days the weather lets us down, and I feel SO sorry for them as they’ve spent so much time and money staging this lovely day for family and friends.

I’ve got a thick jumper on as I sit here writing. It’s a joke. What I wouldn’t give to be able to spend my summers somewhere that has guaranteed warm weather. I love the rain most of the time, but NOT in what’s meant to be ‘Summer’.

Anyway. Most of us will have only ever known Elizabeth as our Queen, and none of us will ever experience anything like this again in our lifetime (unless she lives another ten years!), so it’s a truly big event for us all.

Shame I’m spending the whole of the Bank Holiday four-day weekend working (apart from a few hours off this afternoon to go to the party). Yet-again, I ask myself what the hell I’m doing with my life, but at least it’s not sunny or I really WOULD be gutted …

This picture of the Queen is one I have pinned to a cork board in my office. I’ve had it for years, and I just think she looks SO happy here, it always makes me smile, as do Mr & Mrs S’s ducks.

I was able to let them out this week (as I did the cleaning on Friday so the gardener’s dog wasn’t there), and as I was cleaning the conservatory, they both came and stood outside, then decided to have a forty winks. How cute? (They were both stood on one leg while they snoozed!)

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