Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 18th November 2012

I’ve got two Sunrise Over Swindon photos for you this week.

The one on the left was taken at about 7.45 yesterday morning, but as I drove to work at 7.25 am today the sky was so amazing that I had to stop the car and climb a little mound of grass to get the shot on the right.

Hope you like them. Nature can be so very beautiful, can’t it?

Right. On with the blog.

It’s Monday morning as I write this last little section. I’d written something very different yesterday but decided to sleep on it rather than post it and I’m glad I did. Things always look better in the morning than at the end of a long day’s work, don’t they?

I’ve had some potentially BIG news but I don’t really want to talk about it until I’ve ‘signed on the dotted line’ as – sod’s law – something will go wrong and then I’ll feel stupid for having ‘peaked too soon’ in my excitement, but as soon as I can tell you all, then I will.

I hope that those of you who watched the Coronation Street #meerkatband trail enjoyed it. It’s a sweet little advert and will appear at the beginning of tonight’s Corrie episodes for the very first time.

I’ve done the draw from my little Twitter competition and am delighted to announce that the winners are @grizeldagloop, @MargaretAnneLis and @Orpingtonhen. Thanks to all who took part, and I’m just sorry that I couldn’t give prizes to everyone!

Right. Better get this posted. I’ve got a meeting to go to in a minute. Have a good week everyone, and I hope to see you all next week.


PS ‘Jane’s Soapy Corners’ have gone digital. Simply download the Podcasts App onto your iPhone or iPad then search for Tellyspy and they’re all there.

‘Jane’s Soapy Corners’: 6.00-6.30 pm every Wednesday night on Tellyspy.

There’s also my regular Thursday radio shows (10.45-11.15 am) and Friday (4.00-5.00 pm) on Swindon 1055.com, where I give my Harry-Hill-ish observations and opinions on all the best (and more importantly, the worst) bits of what’s going on in Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders.

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