Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 2nd December 2012

The Sunrise Over Swindon on the left was taken as I left home at about 7.15 this morning, and the one on the right was taken from my office window a few minutes later. Lovely, aye?

This week has flown by. I’m now half way through my tax stuff but have got such a busy week ahead that I know I won’t get it finished. Hopefully I can get it nearly done (and I’ll be right up to date for this year too – as it seemed daft to have everything out and not get bang up to date while I was at it.

My brother and I are putting the Christmas decorations up at my dad’s house on Wednesday (it was the only day we could both make before Christmas!), but my dad’s not had a good week this week and I’m just hoping he’s going to be ok.

The pain’s starting to get to him now (he’s got terminal kidney cancer in case you’re a new reader) and he’s really losing his appetite. If you’re not eating you just get weaker though, and it’s all downhill from there really, isn’t it? It’s so awful to hear him say, “I just want it to be over,” as there’s not a thing that I (or anyone) can do.

He’s literally just sitting in a chair, waiting to die now, and knowing that the pain is only going to get worse. Why don’t we have laws so that people can choose to end their suffering? He would want that (I KNOW he would), and will want it even more as the pain gets worse …

All I can do is to try and keep him going and let him know that he’s loved and not alone.

In other news … there IS no other news. Another week of the same. Still can’t tell you my possible good news yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to by Christmas with a bit of luck.

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit in my office with a baby Poinsettia and some ‘Christmas red’ spray carnations (which the Supermarkets are all too short-sighted to order in by the thousand every year during December!).

Here’s a Handy Hint: to keep your Poinsettia from dropping its leaves, keep it well-watered (but not standing in water), because as soon as it hasn’t got enough moisture it takes it from the leaves and that’s why they drop orff!


Right. Must get on. Have a good week, everyone.

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