Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 18th November 2013

Sunrise over SwindonMy posts now start with a ‘Sunset Over Swindon’ (formerly SunRISE Over Swindon’!), but this was my outlook as I sat working on my Soapy Corners yesterday (Sunday) morning at around 7.15 am.

It was lovely. I’d lit those four little candles; it was just coming light, I had some gentle Baroque music playing quietly as I worked and had even pushed the boat out and put the central heating on!

One of those really nice ‘moments’ we all have occasionally. ‘How nice it would be to be able to spend every day doing this – and to feel that I had a real purpose in what I was doing’ I thought to myself.

I’d had a pretty encouraging couple of weeks (and was feeling very upbeat), but not 24 hours later, and here we go again …

No matter how many motivational books I read, positive thinking downloads I listen to and visualisation exercises I do (and I do a LOT), every single time I think I’m getting a break, ‘The Universe’ decides to slap me straight back down again. It’s happened again this morning (Monday). TOTALLY out of the blue.

I’m not sure what more I have to do to actually succeed, but when I DO finally get that lucky break and start earning some proper money as a writer (see that positive thinking there?!), people will be amazed, and admire my determination to have kept going for so long – despite having had so many totally unbelievable and unexpected knock backs.

That’s why I’m sat here still writing this post now – rather than having just shut the lid down on my Mac and gone off for a coffee somewhere (and/or a good cry). If commitment and determination really DID earn you money I’d have been a millionaire a long time ago, but – lol – I won’t give up, dammit!

Aaaannnd breathe …

I’m very pleased to be writing for Yahoo!TV, and here’s my latest posts with them: What we learned from the Soaps this week‘ and The best of the week’s one-liners’‘What we learned from the Soaps’ is original content and is unrelated to my Soapy Corners, so if you’d like to learn a few (completely UN) important (and humorous) handy hints and tips, go and take a look!

Barring any last minute technical hitches, this week will also see the return of my live, lighthearted internet Soap review on Tellyspy (Twitter: @Tellyspy) between 6.00 and 6.30 pm on Thursday (21st).

PS This site’s ‘makeover’ is coming along nicely. Keep watching this space!

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