Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 21st October 2012

It’s totally grey and Soggy Over Swindon at the moment. I like the rain though; it’s always inspired me.

Inspiration …

I’m a bit short on that right now. The days fly by and somehow it’s Monday again before I even draw breath. I STILL haven’t started on my tax return and I doubt I’ll have time to do it this week either.

Like I keep saying: if I gave up my Soapy Corners I’d have LOADS of time on my hands! How long do you go on doing something that’s bringing you so little return for the time invested in it? Once you’ve come so far though, is it madness to stop when you hope you might yet earn some money for doing something you enjoy so much?

Week after week I sit here like this, don’t I? Like I say to my regular readers: I just dream of the day when I can tell you I’ve got some wonderful news to share. Maybe it’ll be this week? Maybe …

In the meantime; I was asked to write a blog for Mumsnet on behalf of The Flower Council and my ‘payment’ was a bouquet of flowers.

What was delivered to me was nothing like what I’d requested (did I even expect it would be?), but I took them to my 95-year-old neighbour who’s currently in a Nursing Home and she’s absolutely thrilled with them so I was very pleased to have been able to brighten her day – which was the whole point of the article in the first place! (You can read it by clicking on the ‘Other Stuff’ section to the right of this page.)


It was Emmerdale’s 40th Anniversary Week last week and Tellyspy’s Daniel and I hosted a special half hour discussion on Saturday night which is available to download as a Podcast – as are all my ‘Jane’s Soapy Corner’ shows since last week.

Yes; ‘Jane’s Soapy Corners’ have gone all digital! Simply download the Tellyspy App onto your iPhone or iPad and they’re all there.

This form of broadcasting is still quite new for me – and very different to my usual radio stuff as I’m sat in the back bedroom at my dad’s house with my Mac and a more-or-less blank screen for half an hour, simply ‘talking to myself’ in effect.

It’s taken a bit of getting used to, but we’re finding our feet with the format and – apart from when Skype suddenly just ‘drops off’ – it’s improving by the week!

‘Jane’s Soapy Corners’: 6.00-6.30 pm every Wednesday night on Tellyspy.

There’s also my regular Thursday radio shows (10.45-11.15 am) and Friday (4.00-5.00 pm) on Swindon 1055.com, where I give my Harry-Hill-ish observations and opinions on all the best (and more importantly, the worst) bits of what’s going on in Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders.

Right. Have a good week everyone and I’ll see you back here next week.

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