Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 23rd September 2012

I was doing the photos for my Soapy Corners early on Sunday morning so didn’t get to my office in time for my ‘Sunrise over Swindon’ shot but as it was dull and overcast it wouldn’t have made any difference, so here’s ‘Showers over Swindon’ at 12.30 instead!

I’ve not been feeling too well this week. Twelve, sixteen-hour days on the trot finally caught up with me and I was barely able to function between Tuesday and Thursday so had to leave my Mac switched off as I knew I wouldn’t have achieved anything productive.

Instead, I did some leisurely washing, ironing, room tidying and a bit of Supermarket shopping inbetween my Soap-watching and radio stuff. It made quite a change, and as I finally returned to my office on Saturday morning I actually felt a lot better for it.

Back to Normal … unfortunately

After two whirlwind weeks (my visit to Leeds and then the Northampthon Booqfest last weekend), life’s returned to normal with a bump. It was SO exciting being out and about in the ‘real’ world and talking to people again that I’m missing it like mad now.

It’s quite a solitary existence being a writer, and if you’re single – as I am – and live with your aged, hearing-impaired father (who only ever wants to talk about my car or ask me why I’m not making any money), then conversation becomes a rare treat in an otherwise lonely environment, and it’s only when you ‘get a bit’ you realise how much you miss it!

That sentiment applies to most aspects of my life – to be honest – but I’ve now got my new/improved ‘action plan’ of ways to try and further my career, which I’ll start working on just as soon as I’ve done my tax. I had another little email from my accountant on Monday, gently reminding me to ‘GET ON WITH IT’, so it really has to be my number one priority this week.

I wouldn’t mind, but I haven’t even earned enough to pay any tax, so the many hours of work it’s going to take me feel even more pointless. It’s my own fault. Like most self-employed people, I’ve been so busy doing what I do that I let my admin slide (which is SO not like me), but once it’s all up-together it’ll definitely stay that way!

Don’t forget: my new, live internet show ‘Jane’s Soapy Corner’ is on Tellyspy from 6.00-6.30 on Wednesday nights, and my regular Thursday radio shows (11.30 am -12.00) and Friday (4.00-5.00) are on Swindon 105.5 fm, where I give my Harry-Hill-ish observations and opinions on all the best (and – more importantly, the worst) bits of what’s going on in Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders.


My dad had a water leak from the drain and pavement outside the front of his house. A WEEK after having first reported it (and him having phoned every day and been fobbed-off with excuses), I got so fed up with the ‘baby evils’ from some of the neighbours that I put a tweet out about it when I got back from Northampton on Monday lunchtime.

Within two minutes I’d had a reply from Thames Water asking for the details. Seven hours later a gang of men arrived to make the repair. I’m glad it was done, but how sad that it took a complaint on Twitter to spur them into action …

What made it worse though, was that my dad had suggested that I move my car back up the drive while they worked in case they damaged it. I was planning on leaving for my office at about 6.30 am the following morning, but that was when the exhaustion hit me, and I fell back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 10.00.

In the meantime, my dad had got up, and – forgetting that the car was in the way – opened the garage door from the inside, only to find a bumper in the way. That’s ‘sod’s law’ for you, isn’t it? The ONE day my car’s still there at that time in the morning (and parked where it would never normally be) and that goes and happens!

You can’t see too well from this photo, but the gouges are quite deep and the quote for the repair is £264. My dad was in bits, and so was I. I’ve only had that car five minutes and it was in very good condition until that moment.

That water leak’s cost my dad dearly (he insists on paying for the repair, which is lucky as I couldn’t afford to). Oh well. Could have been worse, I guess.

Have a good week everyone, and beware of dads and garage doors!

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