Jane Reynolds's Weekly Blog – 7th October 2012

I was taking the photos for my Soapy Corners at about 6.45 am this morning and there was such a pretty sky outside that I had to take a photo of it.

When I looked out again (not five minutes later), it had turned into this:

Life (and the weather) is an ever-changing thing, unless – of course – you’re me!

Yet another week has gone by with no discernible improvement in my situation, but imagine my surprise when I turned to the back of the Daily Mail TV Guide yesterday to read my weekly horrorscope and instead of the usual ‘Don’t even bother getting out of bed’, saw this:

‘This is the week you’ve been waiting for your whole life’ it said. It actually said that.

Well, I’m on pins now, as I literally HAVE been waiting my whole life just to get one lucky break. Whether it be a Fairy Godmother (or Godfather) Agent emailing me to tell me they can’t wait to snap my book up, or someone emailing to offer me a Soap-writing job (for actual MONEY), I don’t mind which, as either would be a dream come true.

I suspect I’ll be writing next week to say that the email never came but I’ve got seven days now to hope just a little bit more than usual, perhaps?

In other news: my dad’s not had the best of weeks and my lovely neighbour Vera has had an even worse week than him. She’s very weak now and will probably be taken into hospital tomorrow. It’s heartbreaking to see her in pain like that, and you can tell she’s just ‘had enough’. So, so sad …

Right. Keep your fingers crossed that this is going to finally be ‘my’ week, won’t you? Ha ha. I wish! I’ll see you next week – unless I’m too drunk on champagne to be able to write, of course!

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