The Favourite Flower Campaign

The Flower Council would like to remind us that ‘A flower is not just a present, but a special present’.

Think about the last time you bought flowers for someone. Did you consider the person; their home, the reason why you were purchasing them and the sentiment you wanted to convey with your gift? Of course you did – which is why The Flower Council’s message is so apposite.

From a simple bunch of daffodils clasped tightly in a small child’s hand to the most extravagant bouquet or arrangement; it’s the sentiment expressed by those blooms which can bring a tear to the eye and so gladden the heart of their recipient.

I was queuing in the food department of a store and there were bunches of miniature roses in a variety of colours in a bucket at the end of the till. I remarked to the elderly lady behind me as to how pretty they were and asked her which colour she liked the best.

We chatted for a couple of minutes while we waited our turn, then in a moment of impulse as I paid for my items (and despite being extremely poor myself) I plucked out a bunch in her favourite colour and placed them in her hands – asking her to please accept them as a gift.

The look on her face will stay with me forever, and both the people behind her in the queue and the checkout girl also broke into big, beaming smiles. I floated out of that store, and my heart still skips a beat whenever I recall the moment.

It can be as joyous to give as to receive, so whose day could you brighten (as well as your own!) with a special gift of flowers, today?

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