Queen Vic Corner – 4th September 2011

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I watched Tuesday’s Episode on a large expensive TV (I’ve got an old small square one – suits me), and it was very scary to see Cora and Dot’s sister Rose (Patrick: “I didn’t know Dot had a sister?” No. Neither did the rest of us mate!), in that level of detail as they sat at the bar in the Vic.

It was nearly as scary as that shirt of Michael’s.  What is it with these horrible shirts he wears?  Where does he get them: Jimmy Saville Row?  I’d barely recovered myself after Monday before he had it on again on Friday.

I turned over from Declan not being Mia’s father on Emmerdale to Harry not being Jodie’s father in EastEnders.  Harry managed his own bit of unpleasantness by revealing that the price for paying for Jo Jo’s wedding was to ban Vanessa from being there.  That’s not nice, is it?

'Fairmlee' meal - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewI’m sure that Darren will magic up a spectacle worthy of Katie Price herself on the day though.  After all, he’s managed to turn a daggy flat over Ian’s chippy into a little Palace in the blink of an eye. It looked lovely when they were sat there having their meal.  I’d snatch their hands off for it, and as Ian’s too busy to open the shop half the time, the smell wouldn’t be too much of a problem either!

Jodie - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewJodie’s certainly got big plans for Darren’s 2% commission, although she did decide to “Lose the madrigals”!  She had some great lines and delivered them well, which highlights how the ‘double act’ with Poppy doesn’t quite come off.  The writing’s great, but the timing’s not quite there.

It was a hoot as she told Lauren, “You’ve been like a sister to me.  Not a sister I’d borrow clothes off, or copy, or talk to, but a sister, nevertheless,” and then to Abi, “I know there’s been some trouble, but it’s not your fault your mum had an affair with your dad.”

Ok, I know I’m ‘getting on’ a bit, but I have NO recollection of Mandy.  Is it the same woman who played her before?  Same colour hair?  I’ll surprise myself by looking it up once I’ve posted this blog! Lola wasn’t impressed with her: “Who are you, Lord Sugar’s minging sister or something?” she asked.

Mandy had some great lines though.  “Did I tell you?  I trained at the same place as Supernanny.  We ran up and down them mountains like the nuns out of the Sound of Music,” she told Jean.

Tanya - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewRight. It’s ‘Tanya-time’. The hurricane of thoughts which flash – almost imperceptibly – across her face, are acting at its finest.  She’s the best person they could have picked for this storyline, and you can literally read her mind from the tiny flickers of emotion that constantly cross her face.  I’ve never seen anyone be able to show so much, and yet if you weren’t really looking you wouldn’t even realise you’d seen a thing.

I was glad to see Tanya’s Specialist actually looked like a proper Doctor too (unlike that hairy student who spoke to Debbie and Andy in Emmerdale!).

This is only the start, and what sounded like a predictably tedious and (probably) prolonged storyline will probably turn into one of the events of the year – mostly down to Jo Joyner’s acting ability.  She and Kat captivate me (I might have mentioned that before!), and it was also heartbreaking to see Kat’s face when our lovely Alfie said the cruel line “Who’s the father Kat … or don’t you know?”

Janine & Phil - EastEnders - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Queen Vic Corner' reviewOn a lighter note: Janine was having a smashing time with the booze down at the Club – chucking bottles on the floor to annoy Phil.  I love how she’s not scared of him, but it’s all a teensy bit unrealistic isn’t it, maybe?  He’s certainly met his match with her, but I’d like to see them start working together, as woe-betide anyone who crossed the pair of them!

It’s now time for ‘What’s playing in the Vic this week?

(My look/listen for which appropriate/inappropriate music’s being played behind the dialogue!)

Just when Ian was looking admiringly at Mandy – thinking how great she was for advising him to go and see the Headmaster, the words, “Cos you’re just amazing,” fitted exactly in the gap between their lines, and later on, at the precise moment she handed him her wine glass (for yet-another top-up), we heard the line from some ‘*rap’ song, “We can do liquor till we pass out,” blaring out on the stereo

Then we had Harry telling Vanessa what a bad mother she was and how Jodie had to get used to her letting her down, with Amy Winehouse singing “You know that I’m no good,” playing at that exact moment.   Coincidence?  You tell me …

EastEnders also gets its own official Grin of the week spot from this week too:

Kat: “What did you say to her?”

Janine: “Nothing the voices in her head won’t drown out.”

Rainie (wanting to get a job): “What would Jesus do?”

Jean: “Carpentry Course?”

Rainie (to Cora): “There but for the grace of God …”

Cora: I knew he’d get a mention, it’s been all of five minutes!” (Loved her line: “Park your horse Rainie”!)

PS Wouldn’t Darren’s car sale have gone through the books?  How come he could tell Jack he’d sold it for £1500?

PPS Didn’t Ian look like the devil (Jay Rayner) with that drawn-on beard and moustache? (You’ll have to visualise it I’m afraid!)

PPS I have a vision of one little Alfie Moon ‘swimmer’ finding its way to the ‘right place’ to make Kat pregnant.  Bless.  Pity he spoiled it with that comment!


Just before I go, I found this by accident as I was trawling Google Images yesterday trying (mostly unsuccessfully), to find photos I wanted for these posts.  I don’t know if this is a genuine photo (the one of Gail), but the resemblance made me chuckle!

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