Queen Vic Corner – 27th January 2013

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Tanya throws Max out, Zainab’s leaving and Phil’s going on holiday. Please can he take Dot with him?

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 09.45.59Ok. Brace yourselves: I thought Monday’s and Tuesday’s episodes were fantastic. There, I’ve said it! I watched both of them back-to-back on Tuesday night and was absolutely transfixed the whole way through.

I always give praise where it’s due, and Tanya (of course!), Max and Kirsty – as well as the rest of the family – acted their socks off.

“Look him in the eye and watch him lie,” Kirsty told Tanya, and lie he did, but as Kirsty prepared to leave Max suddenly revealed that he did have feelings for her, so Tanya slung him out.

IMG_1442Anyone who’s been in that situation (apart from the bit where they find out their partner’s actually secretly married to the other person – which IS rather unusual!) will know just how devastating it is for someone to tell you that they want to be with ‘the other person’ and not you, and it’s only natural that Tanya would say that she still loves him.

Loving them doesn’t change anything though. Unless they love you back you’re better off out of it (no matter how painful it is at the time), and CC needs to give her daughter a talking-to and make sure she’s ‘kicked him to the kerb’ once and for all.

Why choose burger when you’ve got fillet steak?

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 09.47.53I was surprised to see Max nonchalantly tell Jack that he pretty much expected to be back home by the end of the week. The man’s a serial liar, so what was the point of him suddenly telling Tanya ‘the truth’ like that, and if he’d told Tanya he wanted to be with Kirsty, then why didn’t he simply call her mobile and tell her to either come back, or ask her where she’d gone so that he could join her?

Doesn’t make sense, but then a lot of stuff on EastEnders doesn’t make sense these days, does it – least of all Max choosing Kirsty over the gorgeous Tanya, but there we go!

IMG_1427“I should have done this weeks ago, shouldn’t I, instead of staying in, wondering if my husband was having an affair with  … his, other wife?” Tanya announced during her little celebration in Bootie’s.

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.22.24Such a brilliant expression on her face after she said ‘other’, and my other favourite Walford resident, Zainab, was on fine form with her own face-pulling this week, especially during her interview for the Regional Manager’s job and the bit about the memory loss!

Don’t leave me, Zee

I can’t bear the thought of Zainab leaving, but it’s all leading somewhere I guess, and with Masood and Ayesha getting closer I’m assuming she’ll either get the job and be away a lot (enabling them to have an affair) or find them having an affair and leave?

IMG_1440Why can’t Dot leave? Why did she ever come back? I much preferred it when I didn’t have to watch her dragging on a fag; have to endure her desperately boring washing machine dramas, and listen to her increasingly ridiculous mispronunciations of Mr Papadopoulos’s name.

That joke wore thin years ago, love, and speaking of jokes (no, not Cousin ITT and Morgan’s hair), it’s time for our Grins of the Week, and we’ve actually got TWO!

IMG_1439Zee: “You should be hoping I get this promotion.”

AJ: “Why? Longer hours, is it?”

Sharon: “You should have seen some of the horrors I’ve had.”

CC: “We have: Phil.”


* There’s always usually a blindingly-obvious link between the acting and the background songs in EastEnders’ Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background, but I was stumped by ‘Daydream Believer’ playing in the R&R. That is one song you’d never expect to hear in a club (or disco, as my generation call them!) in a hundred years!

* The Social Worker said that they could pay for Lola to visit Lexi while she was on holiday in Devon with Phil. The DSS would pay for that? You’ve got to be kidding me, surely?

* Joey got ‘Best Newcomer’ at the NTAs this week. I’m sure he’s a lovely lad (and is certainly easy on the eye – if that’s your cup of tea), but Joey is a very one-dimensional character (broody, sulky young man – usual EastEnders thing), and if you compare the demands of his character’s storylines to those of Corrie’s Kirsty, many people would argue that there IS no comparison …

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