Queen Vic Corner – February 2013

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February 2012

My father’s in the final stages of terminal cancer. We’re caring for him at home but it’s extremely demanding, and I’m consequently having to try and fit my Soap-watching in whenever I’m able to grab a spare moment.

It normally takes me from first thing on Saturday morning until Monday lunchtime to produce my weekly Soapy Corners (and then I have another half a day’s admin etc to do on top of that), but I’m currently struggling to have even finished watching one week’s episodes before the next week’s start!

Posting my last Queen Vic Corner (27th January) while trying to look after my father and still do my regular ironing jobs and radio stints was so stressful that it forced me to accept that I was simply going to have to put everything else ‘on hold’ for the forseeable future.

I’m so sorry for this. It’s just another example of the ‘story of my life’ though (see the ‘About Me’ section), but if you’re a Soap-Watcher then you’ll already know that whenever you think you’re about to get a break in life, something comes along and kicks your legs from under you!

Queen Vic Corner will resume as soon as possible. Thank you, and I hope to see you then.

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