Queen Vic Corner – 18th November 2012

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Bye, bye Sy; Derek gets one in the eye; Zee cops an eyeful and Kat’s keeping abreast of things.

Well, I – for one – will be breathing a ‘Sy’ of relief now that we’ve seen the back of ‘Love’s old nightmare’ Christian and Syed rattling off into the sunset.

I’m surprised a rainbow didn’t suddenly appear over the top of the bridge – even though it hadn’t been raining (EastEnders never normally lets a little thing like reality get in the way of a corny cliché!) as the happy couple disappeared, hand-in-hand to go and start a whole new life in America … with only two little bags between them.

I know Christian used to walk around in a vest most of the time, but even he’d need a bit more kit than THAT, wouldn’t he? What about the possessions in their flat too? That ‘lovely‘ picture on their wall? Fancy leaving that behind.

The best moment was when Zee stuck her head round the door to see if they were making up. They were …

“Get out of my face.”

No, not the words Zainab heard when she took that sneaky peek into the Argee Bhajee, but CC kicking-off after having one too many sherberts in the pub. Yes, Cora’s secret’s out, and it seems that her dead daughter Ava’s apparently alive and kicking.

That’s ok. If she’s half as good an actress as CC, Tanya and Rainie then I’ll be happy, and – once again – Tanya stole the show for me this week during the scenes with her mother on Thursday.

If you watch Tanya carefully you’ll see the many tiny little expressions that flash across her face when she’s doing any scene (particularly the big, dramatic ones), and they’re just a joy to watch. She’s such a fine actress; EastEnders are lucky to have her.

Woss’ Derek up to now?

Max isn’t feeling lucky to have Derek as a brother right now. Derek’s an archetypal bully; as soon as somebody does something to upset him he just tries to find a way to hurt them, and he’s told Max to kick Joey out in return for getting some geezers off his back over some dodgy deal or other.

Max took him to see his old flame Jackie Bosch. “You were the one that used to bully that David Wicks, weren’t you?” she recounted. There’s something going to come out about all this David stuff, isn’t there, and speaking of ‘coming out’ …

I think we’re right in assuming that Kat’s ring was from Derek, and she stuck it down her chest on Monday for safekeeping. I’d have gone for somewhere a bit more secure myself, and I’m surprised there was even room for it because she’s normally already got her mobile phone and a wad of cash stuffed down there. It’s a wonder she doesn’t need a ‘JJ’ cup size. Has she got Tommy hiding in there too? We hardly see him any more, do we?

No riches, but no rags either

I remember seeing Billy coming back from shopping with a breadmaker and a load of other stuff last week, and now THIS week he’s begging Sharon for a couple of shifts as a cloakroom attendant at the R&R. That’s a bit odd, isn’t it – as is the way that Lola can afford to dress in such fashionable clobber.

She looks like she’s stepped straight out of an M&S Christmas ad (apart from the miserable face). Where does she get her money from?

Ooh, we’ve got Kat’s long-lost little sister Alexa (see 7th Oct post) back again too; trying to look all menacing. Yawn. Billy tried to ‘sort it’ but – as usual – made things worse, so it might now throw Sharon and Phil’s plans to get Lexi back into jeopardy.

Sharon’s facing up to things

The thought of having to pretend to be engaged to Phil for six months ought to have put the tin hat on that for Sharon already, but she had that ‘face’ on – you know; the one that says, “Ooh, there’s more to this one than meets the eye … ”

Is there more to all that Poppy and Fatboy stuff we’ve seen this week? Poppy’s already given him her list of ‘requirements’ (not that he’s realised it!), and I’m all for them getting together as it’s a lot more credible than him lusting after Diane, and as for lusting … Joey and Lauren are continuing to sizzle.

Will they get together properly, or will it be a car crash of a relationship? I think we’re just about to find out. Seatbelts on!

Another week without any Grins of the Week, but you can always rely on EastEnders to give us a bit of Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background, and HOW predictable was it for them to have had ‘Stand By Me’ playing in that last scene with Muscle Mary and Bambi, aye? I’d rather have heard something with the line, ‘Never Coming Back’ or ‘Gone For Good’ myself …


* How did Jane get to America? When she left last year it was to become a Sous Chef in a swanky restaurant on Cardiff Bay.

I loved Jane, so think I would have probably remembered hearing the news that she’d moved to the US, or is this just another little ‘fix’ that they’ve tried to sneak in to neatly tie up all the loose ends in a storyline while assuming that none of us would notice?

* Didn’t Tan look as if she had a pair of pink marigolds on here? That’s it. I’m going to wear my yellow ones next time I go out too, so that I can be fashionable. What?

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