Queen Vic Corner – 25th November 2012

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Tanya loses her purse and finds a sister; Billy finds himself driving to Blackpool and Lauren drives Joey … straight through a shop window.

For once, I’ve got nothing (well, almost) but praise for EastEnders this week …

Yes, you DID read that right, and a big part of the reason for that is because the drama’s revolved around Tanya. As I’ve said before – more than once – I could watch that woman sat, staring at a wall and still find it interesting.

Jo Joyner is such a magnificent actress that a whole week in which she’s been centre stage couldn’t fail to provide us with some spellbinding TV.

As I say: she doesn’t even need to speak; her facial expressions tell you exactly what she’s thinking. It’s literally ‘written all over her face’, as those tiny little flickers of emotion tell you more in an instant than any words ever could.

You can definitely see the resemblance

CC’s acted her bouffant off this week too, and as for Ava: well, she’s hit the ground running, hasn’t she? Such a natural, and very well cast – as she’s got a real ‘look’ of both Cora and Tanya!

As Patrick tried to explain to Tanya: younger people simply don’t understand what life was like back then (and of the shame that ANY illegitimate child brought to a family prior to the advent of the ‘Swinging Sixties’), but to have a non-white child was just about the worst shame a young girl could possibly inflict on her parents.

Having to give up any child for adoption must leave the mother so deeply, deeply scarred emotionally that it’s no wonder CC had gone to such lengths to bury the secret (for what she thought would be) forever.

Now that Ava’s been found I really hope that she’ll become a regular as she’s so believable (as a character), and there’s already a great chemistry between her, Tanya and CC. I’m just hoping that Rainie – one of my favourite-ever (and terribly underused) characters will be back soon to complete the family!

Great stuff. THIS is what good Soap drama’s about, and I’m so pleased to see EastEnders running a nice, meaty storyline with good actors in the lead roles.

Keep your eyes on the road. Oops … too late

Lauren and Joey ‘did the deed’ this week, and their passion for each other drove them … straight into a shop window. Let’s hope that they’ll both get out unscathed and that Max and Tanya will accept them as a couple, as it’d be a bit hypocritical to tell them they can’t be together after a week in which Tanya finally found a sister who – only through prejudice – had been a ‘dirty secret’ the whole of her life.

If Lauren and Joey love each other, the fact that they’re a ‘bit’ related shouldn’t make any difference, should it? Nobody’s kicking-off about Ben and Lola, are they? No-o.

Love’s come to Fatboy (ha, as I keyed that in I accidentally typed ‘ratboy’. That must have been because I was subconsciously thinking about that little rodent, Ben!), and now we’ve got two pops on the Square: Poppy Pops and Billy Pops.

Actually, we haven’t got Billy at the moment, have we, as he’s gone off to Blackpool (ooh, bit of a flimsy pretext there, wasn’t it?) so that Phil can … actually, I’m not exactly sure WHAT Phil’s planning for Lola, but no doubt we’ll be finding out soon enough.

‘Psychic Lo’

Did you notice Lola (as Phil and Max put the ‘proposition’ to Billy in the street)? She was carrying a bag which she put down on the pavement and which Billy then picked up, put into the car and drove off with.

How did Lola know that she was going to walk round the corner to find Billy being ‘asked’ to go to Blackpool? You don’t generally carry a bag of stuff around, ‘just in case’ someone has to go away, do you?

With psychic powers like that, Billy ought to have her packing them in at venues up and down the country, never mind scraping around trying to get a few shifts a week at the R&R and disappearing off to bloomin’ Blackpool!

Yet-another week without any Grins of the Week, but I spotted (well, you could hardly miss it) a bit of Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background, as Tanya was trying to get CC to talk about her secret, the words “I could tell you lies’ were blasting out behind them!

Derek’s blood pressure’s rising by the week, and it’s going to be a big week next week (with the inevitable ‘will they, won’t they survive’ scenes after the crash, I presume?), but as for THIS week, it’s been a job well done. Nice one, EastEnders.


* Did Lauren actually have anything in the holdall Joey carried to the car when they left? It looked empty to me.

* Very unrealistic scenes of Lauren and Joey ‘driving’ in the car. They were bumping around that much you’d have thought they were on the surface of the moon!

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