TV Times – 29th January 2012

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“Hey Jane. Where’s this week’s MasterChef moan?” you’ll be thinking. (Ok, you probably won’t!) There isn’t one actually … because I didn’t bother watching it.

Yes. I made an executive decision not to put myself through it any more, as I was so cross with it last week. It was SO dumbed-down (and appeared to be more about John and Greg’s egos than the food), and I can live without it, frankly. So there!

In fact, I’ve watched very little TV this week apart from the Soaps, although I did half-watch the National Television Awards on Wednesday night (I recorded it and whizzed through the adverts etc!).

It was great to see Alan Carr win the Award for Best Talk Show (I’d been listening to him doing stand-up in 4 at the Store (from 2002), on my iPod that very afternoon and – boy, he’s come on a lot!), and for ITV’s This Morning to win Best Factual Programme. Phil and Holly were still a little ‘tired and emotional’ next morning!

I record it every day and zap through it at night, but the bit I never miss is Sharon Marshall’s Soap Gossip spot (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays). She’s such a funny woman, and her quips and banter are a joy to listen to, so if you like a grin, tune in!

I listened to to an interesting debate on the Girls About Town Radio show this week (11.00-12.00 Wednesdays), on Swindon 105.5 fm (which I occasionally co-present), on why ITV’s Take Me Out doesn’t have a bunch of lads hoping to get a date with one girl.

The upshot was that the team thought most men would keep their lights on, simply because a) they’d want to go to the resort and b) no young lad would turn down the chance of a date with a girl … any girl.

They then collared a couple of guys (who were installing a security system in the building), and dragged them into the Studio to give their opinions. They actually disagreed with the girls (surprisingly), and said that if they felt there wasn’t a connection, they wouldn’t pick them.

Two rare men, or do we women give them less credit/respect than they deserve? Either way; I don’t see them making a men’s version of it anytime soon, so that probably sums it up, but it’s such a funny; entertaining and feelgood show that I’m just glad it’s on – no matter who’s on it!


Not much to grab me this week, although there’s a new Series with Alex Polizzi starting on Tuesday, where she goes in and tries to do a ‘Mary Portas’ on failing businesses, by the sound of it. I’ll check it out and review it here next week.

(Alex Polizzi, The Fixer. Episode 1 BBC2 Tuesday 8.00 pm)

PS I had to laugh at this photo of an ’18 carrot necklace’ on this week’s Come Dine With Me!

Radio Times

Nothing new this week that I haven’t already mentioned, except for Everyone Quite Likes Justin (with Justin Moorhouse), which is starting a Series repeat on Radio 4 at 6.30 pm this Wednesday night. It’s got some good gags, and is a very pleasant half hour’s entertainment.

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