TV Times – 22nd April 2012

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I haven’t done a TV Times post for a couple of weeks (time constraints), but had to get one in this week, so here it is:

The 70s

I was so excited to watch this show (as I was born in 1959, and this is totally ‘my’ era), so what a disappointment it was to see such a young presenter. How on earth could Dominic Sandbrook reminisce about the 70s: he wasn’t even born until 1974?

That’s like giving me a job presenting the Grand Prix. I know they’re cars going round and round, but that’s about it …

He’s also rather patronising; smug, and gives the impression that he’s almost laughing at us ‘oldies’. Why, oh why BBC, did you not use a presenter who’s actually in their 50s?

You’ve ruined what would have been a great programme. Whose bright idea was that then? One of the “Twelve-year-olds running the media these days,” I suppose (to quote the wonderful Ed Reardon)? There’s three more to go, but I’m not sure whether I can watch them. Grumble, grumble.

Twenty Twelve

Oh, what a show that’s been. Brilliant from start to finish, and (like with The Thick of It), it’s its frighteningly accurate portrayal of what we all suspect probably IS actually happening up there in the Organising Committee’s Office that makes it such uncomfortable – yet compulsive – viewing.

Hugh Bonneville is faultless as ‘Head of Deliverance’ Ian Fletcher, and the whole thing’s a beautiful work of art – as is all great comedy. A third series will be broadcast shortly before the games in August.

I can’t wait for that. It’ll be the only Olympic thing I watch!


The Matt Lucas Awards

Apparently people are watching The Voice with their backs to the screen so that they can get the same experience as the judges. If I was still watching, I’d have the sound turned down too – to drown out the screaming of the audience as soon as anyone opens their mouth to sing.

This is something I feel I want to do with The Matt Lucas Awards. A lot of TV comedy started on radio: Little Britain; Goodness, Gracious MeMiranda and Dead Ringers are a few notable examples. Some of it works well; some of it less so. This show is a case in point

And the Winner Is was extremely funny on radio. The Matt Lucas Awards is also funny in places, but the radio version was better … because you couldn’t see anyone’s faces.

I can’t watch comedy quiz/panel shows on TV any more, because I get too wound up at the smug, “God, I’m just so funny, aren’t I?” looks on some of the (male) panelists’ faces as they deliver their (often scripted) lines. It just makes me want to switch off, so I’m going to try shutting my eyes next week (although I kept them open this week as Sue Perkins was on)!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO SITE  (The Matt Lucas Awards,  BBC1 Tuesdays 10.35 pm)


If you didn’t see it first time round, DO try to watch/record the repeat of Toughest Place to be a Bin Man at 01.25 am TONIGHT (Tuesday morning) on BBC1. What an eye-opener it was, and a programme that will make you think twice the next time you feel like moaning about your job!

There’s also a review of the new Series of Lip Service coming, but as I just haven’t had time to write it yet!

Radio Times

Ed Reardon - Comedy Corner from Jane Reynolds' Weekly BlogI’ve mentioned him many times before on here, but if you still haven’t heard Ed Reardon’s Week, just go and hunt it down right now. It’s perfect radio for grumpies everywhere!

(Ed Reardon’s Week Radio 4 Tuesdays 6.30 pm)

Someone who’s on many radio comedy panel shows is Henning Wehn. His first solo show Henning Knows Best started on Radio 2 on Saturday nights recently, but was moved after two weeks to the 9.30 slot on Thursday nights.

I didn’t enjoy it too much (because it wasn’t just him), but – to be fair – I’ve only listened to the first episode so far, as I didn’t want to have heard his whole act (which can often happen with comedians you hear on the radio), when I went to see him live, which I did last Friday – here in Swindon.

As is typical of German efficiency; Henning gave us two hours of non-stop talking on (not surprisingly), how much better the Germans are than us at both football and in general (!), and was both very funny – and nowhere near as histrionic as I’d expected.

He’s certainly got the measure of us Brits. I laughed all the way through, and would thoroughly recommend him! (Henning Knows Best Radio 2 Thursdays 9.30 pm)


I’ll keep putting this up until they change it. Why does the Daily Mail’s excellent ‘Saturday TV Guide’ continue to list the Footie Finder by club and not day? There’s 72 clubs in the league, and only a few of them will be on TV in any given week.

Listing matches by DAY makes it easy to see what’s on when. Who’s actually playing is largely irrelevant to most football fans, as no matter who someone supports, they’ll still want to watch all the football on TV that week. Come on Daily Mail; put it back to how it USED to be please: by DAY, not team name. What’s the point in that?


3 Responses to TV Times – 22nd April 2012

  1. Barry H April 24, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    Have to disagree about Dominic Sandbrook! I actually think he’s quite a decent narrative historian (if not a natural frontman – although I think he’s doing OK in that role). I’ve got his two books about the 1960s and they’re excellent – I think it can be useful for a commentator to look at something from an objective vantage point, which eradicates the temptation to resort to all that “I was there” stuff.

  2. Jane April 24, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    It’s funny you should say that, as I watched it last night & (although he’s not my ideal choice), I suddenly thought, “Hang on. It’s ‘history’, so maybe a younger presenter was required to help relate it to ‘Da Yoof’?

    I’ll be recounting that observation on this week’s blog!

    (I read an excellent article of his in last Saturday’s Daily Mail actually. It’s just his Televisual presenting style that doesn’t suit my taste!)

  3. Peter Piper June 5, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    Wide sweeping statements about “true football supporters” again. I can’t stand some teams so there’s no way I’d watch them on TV. I care about clubs, not watching everything that comes along. Given how much time you seem to spend in front of the telly it’s something you might want to consider also.

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