TV Times – 26th February 2012

“Where is it then?” you ask.

I’m sorry. There isn’t one.

This blog takes up so much of my time. It’s 5.30 pm on Sunday as I write this. I’ve been at it for 19 hours over the last two days, and I’ve STILL got to go home and take all the photos to use for my Soapy Corners, then crop; re-size and upload them.

I then have to do a final edit and write some of the SEO stuff (which I can’t do until the photos are uploaded).

This will take another six hours – minimum – and if I write a TV Times post it’ll add at least another three hours on top of that, so I’ve made an ‘executive decision’ not to do it this week.

I feel extremely guilty, but I don’t earn any money from this blog and feel that the ever-increasing ‘to do’ list on my desk has to take precedence this week. I’m dying to review Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, so if I can find a moment in the next couple of days I’ll try to do it, but it’ll probably have to be next week now.

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