TV Times – 4th March 2012

Upstairs Downstairs

I’ve watched the first two Episodes as my friend has been an Extra in it and I’d been looking-out for her (she’s in it next week – if her bit makes it on-screen), but I can’t say I’ve enjoyed it. It’s all far too political for me, and – as usual – reality appears to have been disregarded in order to ‘fit’ the storyline (a real bugbear of mine).

The reason I’m writing about it today is that this week’s Episode includes Portia’s “Ratings boosting sex scenes with her lover” Blanche. (Daily Mail, 1/3). CLICK HERE TO READ

It’s all over the media today (Sunday), and – once again – lipstick lesbianism is being used to ‘spice up’ a TV Drama, and the falling viewing figures after Episode 2 will no doubt be much improved this week. As I discuss in the ‘THE BOOK’ (above): lesbianism SELLS. My novel, “Just Good Friends?” was the reason why I gave up work (and am now a penurious hermit).

I didn’t give up work to become a blogger. I love my blogging, but I’m desperate for my book to be recognised more and it’s SO frustrating to see lesbianism being constantly used to ‘sell’ things yet (despite all my hard work), for there still to be so little awareness of my love story between two close friends (professional, married ‘yummy mummies’ Ruth and Helen), which is not only a gripping read, but would also make a cracking TV Drama! Ok. Relax Jane. Deep breaths now …


Sorry about that. Just gets to me sometimes. Right; back to the blog!

Regular readers will know how much I love my comedy, and I always record the first Episode of any new comedy programme (usually hidden-away on BBC 3), in the hope of discovering a new gem. I’ve seen many a show long-before it became a big hit, so recorded Pramface in anticipation and hope.

The thing that immediately hit me was its similarity to The Inbetweeners and the (deliberate?) casting of the character Mike to be like Will (who was the reason I stopped watching it, as I found him too ‘grown up’ in both looks and behaviour, and his increasing smugness made me want to just poke him in the eye).

There was so much of him in the first ten minutes that it very nearly made me turn off, but I stuck with it, and by the end the show had taken a different turn – as Laura found herself pregnant by sixteen-year-old Jamie.

Jamie’s beautifully played, and (apart from Mike – who I can’t ‘take to’), it’s a great cast, and is well-acted. If you’re looking for laugh-out-loud comedy then this isn’t quite it, and it’s not quite as ‘funny’ as Lead Balloon or Outnumbered (not that that’s funny any more, but that’s another blog!), but it’s got potential, and the theme gives it scope to run and run.

It’s gentle, it’s written well and I reckon it’ll bed-down nicely. I’m certainly looking forward to Episode 3.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO SITE (Pramface BBC3 Thursday 9.00 pm + repeats)

I still haven’t got time to do a review of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, but as I’ve only managed to watch two Episodes so far, I’m sure it’ll wait another week (and I might be up to date by then too)!

PS Will poor Gracie ever get to to go to the Island of Fernandos?

Radio Times

I’m still woefully behind on my radio listening too, but have finally got round to Claudia Winkleman’s Celebrity Quiz Hot Gossip this week. It’s finished now, but wow, she’s got an amazingly quick wit – my absolute favourite sort – and if you like to marvel at how certain people are somehow able to come up with the most brilliant quips and comebacks, then you really need to listen to Swindon 105.5 fm between 5-7 on a Friday night.

Nick Anderson and Barry Harris present a show called The Big Weekender, and I make no apologies for once-again urging anyone who likes comedy to listen to THE two best hours of comedy radio you’ll find anywhere. Don’t believe me? Have a listen and hear for yourself.

Polititcal satire; current affairs, the weather – you name it, they’ll have something to say about it, and if was any good at doing things with photoshopping I’d make a mock-up of Barry’s idea for Dragon’s Den this week:  a helmet for skiers with a big red downwards-pointing arrow, so that if they get trapped in an avalanche, as long as they remain upright the arrow will instantly show the rescue team where they’re located. Genius!  (The Big Weekender Swindon 105.5 fm 5.00-7.00 pm Fridays)


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  1. Barry H March 9, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    Love the arrow!

    • Jane March 10, 2012 at 10:01 am #

      Alas, I couldn’t do it justice, but I’m expecting a call from Bannatyne’s people any day – asking for your number!

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