TV Times – 12th February 2012

(If you’re outside the UK, here’s a link to be able to watch UK TV programmes:

I haven’t watched much TV this week (apart from the Soaps and a couple of re-runs of Benidorm), as I’ve had a lot of other commitments on my time, unfortunately, so apologies for a ‘condensed’ TV Times this week.

If you like your one-liners and a bit of real ‘feel-good’ entertainment, you really can’t do better than ITV1’s Saturday night family dating show Take Me Out.

I know I keep banging-on about it, but (despite what you might think), it really does tick all the boxes, and Paddy McGuinness is spot-on as the Host. Try it and see for yourself. Go on, you know you want to!


Radio Times

I listened to Episode one of Jason Byrne’s Father Figure. Er, not the best thing he’s ever done. Some well-dodgy accents there. Hopefully this week’s will be better …

Last Friday’s Big Weekender show with Nick Anderson and Barry Harris on Swindon 105.5 FM was a gem, so I make no apology for telling you about it again. If you like biting wit; satire; social comment, blokey banter and (often risque!) comedy stetches/characters, then THIS is the show for you.

Nick and Barry are very clever guys and both possess that enviable gift of always being able to think of exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right time, which makes for compulsive and hilarious listening!

They’re wasted on local radio, and their show is better than many of the ‘comedy’ shows I’ve heard on Radio 4/4Extra, so if you like things like Steve Wright; Clive Anderson and Radcliffe & Maconie-type humour, then you’ll love The Big Weekender, Fridays 5.00-7.00 pm on Swindon 105.5 FM (it’s online).

PS I’ll be on the wireless three times myself this week:

Wednesday 11-12 am on the Girls About Town show

Thursday 11.30-12.00 am with Jane’s Big Blog Soap Spot on Alastair Greener’s Big Show, and

Friday 4.00-5.00 pm co-presenting the TGI Friday show with Paul Dawkins.

All on Swindon 105.5 FM.  ‘Daring to be different’. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SITE

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