TV Times – 15th January 2012

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Just a little one (make your own joke up!), this week.

Take Me Out

This isn’t normally my sort of show, but I can’t help but watch it. Why? Because – unlike Blind Date – by the time the lad picks his lass, she’s not only seen him but knows a fair bit about him, and HE’S seen her and has chosen the one he likes best.

Last week’s couples both seemed to get on like a house on fire on their dates, and one guy even talked about a wedding. How different is that to the nightmare stories we got on Blind Date (especially in later years, where the only people who went on it were wannabees who just wanted to be on TV and couldn’t have cared less about the date)?

Paddy McGuinness is a good host: straight-talking and funny. There’s some good one-liners in there and it’s all jolly good stuff. I’ll be watching next week too, to see if we’ve had more luurrve blossoming!

(Take Me Out Saturdays ITV1 + repeats, 7.30 ish)


Milton Jones’s House of Rooms

Milton Jones’s first TV show had been billed as a Series, but it’s not on again this week so I checked and it appears that it was just a Pilot.

I’ve loved Milton Jones for years. I’ve got all his Radio shows on iTunes (I used to have them on mini-discs years ago!), and have seen him live several times. He’s not your usual comedian, and he’s not for everyone (is anyone?), but I love my one-liners and he’s brilliant at them, and tells the sort of jokes my dad used to tell us when we were children (stupid ones), so how could I NOT like him?

Unlike Radio (where you have to fill the whole 30 minutes with words), this show’s weak spot was that it had ‘gaps’ in it, and all felt a bit surreal (more than a bit, actually), and slightly spooky in places. Milton’s great ‘gags’ (he’d popped a few old favourites in!), didn’t feel part of the script as there weren’t enough of them, and although I enjoyed it, I felt that someone who’d tuned-in never having heard of Milton Jones before might have found it a little ‘strange’, and maybe been put off.

We’re all different, of course, and there will be people who HAD never heard of him who liked it, but I just feel that it didn’t quite showcase his wonderful talent enough in that half hour, and that as it does only appear to be one Episode, it might not quite have been enough for some people to have bought into.

I – however – can’t wait to see more, and if you’ve got the taste for him after this show, Radio 4Extra are starting re-runs of Another Case of Milton Jones from tomorrow (Monday 16th). The gags come thick and fast!

PS And just when I’d got my hearing back after the last Series, suddenly MasterChef is here again! Earplugs in. Let’s hope India Fisher’s not back … (Review next week.)

Radio Times

A bit late to remind you, but there’s a cracking hour of comedy on Radio 2 on Saturday nights at the moment. If you haven’t heard Claudia Winkleman’s Celebrity Quiz Show Hot Gossip or Matt Lucas’s spoof Awards Show And the Winner Is, then you need to check them out right now!

(Hot Gossip/And the Winner Is Radio 2 Saturdays 10.00-11.00 pm)

Other great Radio 4/4Extra comedy this week includes: Clare in the Community; Everyone quite likes Justin (Justin Moorhouse); What to Do If You’re Not Like Everybody Else (Andrew Lawrence); Cabin Pressure; Stockport: So Good They Named it Once and Party.


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