TV Times – 5th February 2012

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It’s been a good TV week for me as there’s been hardly anything on that I’ve wanted to watch, apart from the Soaps and Take Me Out (* see below) which is just funny, feel-good TV!

The Fixer

Ah, this was such a lovely show! It started off like just another ‘I can fix your business for you’ show – and that’s what it was – but it was so sweet to see this mother and two daughters go from failure to success and totally transform their ailing wedding business in Kettering.

The shop looked so beautiful at the end and they were so friendly that if I were to ever need a wedding dress (yeah, like that’ll ever happen, and I’ve actually only ever even been to one wedding in my whole life!), I’d definitely go there to buy it.

If you (or anyone you know) might be thinking of getting married at any point, then do catch this on iPlayer – or just watch it for the hell of it (and to see Alex Polizzi looking amazing in her red dress)!

(Alex Polizzi: The Fixer – BBC2 Tuesdays 9.00 pm)


Protecting Our Children

The other thing I recorded (and almost switched off after the first 2 minutes) was Protecting Our Children. I’m so glad I didn’t, as it was riveting.

This week’s Episode followed a couple who were providing such poor care for their 4-year-old son that I was both shocked and angry, but as it went on it showed that they did love their son in some way, but were simply incapable of looking after him (or maybe just too lazy?).

I felt so frustrated at the social workers’ often seeming-inefficiency, but I also felt desperately sorry for them as I think they probably just wanted to pick the little lad up and run but were simply strangled by red tape. I couldn’t do that job for all the money in the world.

You felt it was only going one way – and one way only, but the ending was a real surprise, and I had such a different feeling after the last two minutes than I did after the first two. Thought-provoking stuff and WELL WORTH checking-out if you’re snowed-in this weekend.

(Protecting Our Children BBC2 Mondays 9.00 pm)  CLICK HERE TO GO TO SITE/iPLAYER

Other TV

Didn’t watch MasterChef this week. I’ve got enough stress as it is without that lot winding me up. I feel so much better for not watching it. If they get rid of India Fisher; get John and Greg to remember it’s a food show – not THEIR show – and turn the music down, let me know and I’ll start watching it again! (I’ll watch the one with Michel Roux though!)

Toughest Place to be a Bin Man followed Wilbur; an East London Bin Man as he travelled to Jakarta in Indonesia to look at the life of Imam and his family. Imam works six days a week for a pittance doing back-breaking refuse collection single-handedly (including clearing open drains with his bare hands – and with bare feet), then at night his whole family has to sift through rubbish to find the tiniest of items for recycling in order to survive.

Wilbur was shocked and moved by what he saw – and you will be too. Check it out on iPlayer. You’ll never complain about your job again …  CLICK HERE TO GO TO SITE/WATCH EPISODE

* The end of Saturday’s Episode (4th Feb), was a cracker. The last guy on was so ‘up’ himself that it was cringeworthy, and he SO put his foot in it with the girls that Paddy and the whole audience were squirming with embarrassment, and as for the poor girl he ended up with … welll, you’ve just GOT to check it out AND watch next week to see what happened! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE EPISODE

PS Harry Hill’s TV Burp is back too. If you like that, you might like my Soapy Corners too, as they take a sideways look at the week in Soapland and pick up on the bits you might have missed!

Radio Times

Nothing new this week that’s taken my fancy, except Father Figure, a new Comedy Series starring Jason Byrne, which started on Saturday 4th 10.00 pm on Radio 2. I’ll be checking that one out, for sure.

Last Friday saw the long-awaited return of Nick Anderson and Barry Harris to The Big Weekender show on little Swindon 105.5 FM.

If you like biting wit, satire, social comment, blokey banter and (often risque!) comedy stetches/characters, then THIS is the show for you. Nick and Barry are very clever guys and both possess that enviable gift of always being able to think of exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right time, which makes for compulsive and hilarious listening!

They’re wasted on local radio, and their show is better than many of the ‘comedy’ shows I’ve heard on Radio 4/4Extra, so if you like comedy then you have to listen to The Big Weekender, Fridays 5.00-7.00 pm on Swindon 105.5 FM (it’s online you know)!

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