TV Times – 25th March 2012

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The Apprentice

It felt like deja vu watching this week’s first Episode. The usual bickering and schoolboy/girl errors were all there, but I made the mistake of only watching with one eye (and no hands), as I spent most of the hour following it on Twitter.

Only when I got to the end did I realise that I hadn’t really ‘watched’ it at all, so had to go back and sit through it all again.

It wasn’t much better second time round though. The way the girls ‘attacked’ that poor woman in the shop was shocking, and – so far – the only one I like is Jane, the Irish girl, and that’s because she’s like me.

She (to me), is the voice of reason: politely suggesting that they should maybe be checking margins (and other obvious points that don’t even register on the rest of them’s radars), etc.

It’s fascinating how the ‘sensible’ one – who dares to remind the rest of them what the task is about – is the one who’s then castigated, complained about and accused of not being a ‘team’ player (like any of them are remotely interested in team work?), and blamed for having had a ‘negative attitude’ when the team loses because they chose to ignore her suggestions …

I’m going to watch it properly this week!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO SITE (The Apprentice BBC1 Wednesdays 9.00 pm)

Take Me Out

We got our last glimpse of the lovely Gracie last night as she went on her date with a guy called Jit, who thought she was funny and said there was a ‘spark’ between them.

Since we found out last week that the show was ‘fixed’, I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but what I DO know is that Gracie was a breath of fresh air (and a rose between the rest of the ‘thorns’ on that show), and I just hope ITV capitalise on it and offer her some work, as she’s got a lot of fans out there.


The Voice vs BGT

From what I’d read about The Voice, I thought it was going to be good. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, and I turned off after 15 minutes.

The deafeningly loud background music; the screaming and shouting the moment the singers started; the fake rivalry, and the ‘will they, won’t they?’ button-pressing by the judges soon finished me off, and when Tom Jones said ‘yes’ to a lad who was clearly struggling to hold a tune, I realised that life was too short.

This could have been a great show, but they’ve strayed too far into the BGT/X Factor format – and not done it well. What a shame.

I turned over to take a look at Britain’s Got Talent. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but ended up sticking with it the whole way through. What a difference David Walliams brings to the proceedings.

You know he’s going to vote for anything that you wouldn’t be surprised to find in a Little Britain sketch, but – at last – Simon Cowell’s got an equal, and I think Simon’s actually a bit scared of him!

David Walliams is incorrigible; has little truck with Simon’s ‘status’, and teases him mercilessly (including sexually – which you can clearly see unnerves him!). Simon’s apparently insisting on a 90-second delay on the live shows because of it. That’s a shame – as it’ll certainly add to the entertainment value, and it says a lot about Simon – in a lot of ways …

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It finally hit its stride this week and was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. Things take a while to bed-down. Pramface did, but it’s found its level now, and I will now confidently predict it’ll get a second Series and a re-run on BBC1/2!


(Pramface BBC3 Thursday 9.00 pm + repeats)

Harry Hill’s TV Burp

Saturday night saw the last ever (ever?), TV Burp, and I’ll bet there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as we said goodbye to Heather; the knitted character, Wagbo and the dancing Queen Vics. There never was a more ‘sideways’ look at the week’s TV than this, and I’ll miss it very much.

It was also nice to see Harry including a bit of ‘Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background’, and for all you Harry fans out there: my Soapy Corners will do their best to continue to bring you the best of the week’s oddities (like Whitney’s Star Wars hairstyle), from Corrie, EastEnders and Emmerdale!

Radio Times

When he’s not thinking about Watson and Oliver, Barry Harris is thinking Eurovision, and – in true Terry Wogan fashion – takes it all ‘very seriously’. He’s kindly furnished me with the latest information and clips for Eurovision Fans everywhere, including this delightful spoof report from Sweden which pokes fun at us Brits.

It’s only short, so CLICK HERE for a real treat!

Barry predicts an Italian victory, edging out the Russian grannies and Sweden (Claudia Winkleman meets Kate Bush via Rihanna), but his personal favourite is Latvia (for its ‘catchy tune and slightly post-modern lyric’, apparently), with honourable mentions for Denmark and the Ukrainian Beyoncé.

If it’s novelty acts you’re after, Barry says to look no further than Austria (for their strange bottom fixation), or Turkey; drawing on their rich nautical heritage, and if you’d like a taste of any of this year’s entries (Russian grannies included!), they’re all here: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS OF ALL THE SONGS

Ooh, he loves it, and if you want to hear Eurovision talk; Watson and Oliver, the Swindon Evening Advertiser crossword like you’d never imagine and SO much more, then do yourself a favour and tune in to The Big Weekender with Nick Anderson and Barry Harris. They’re a little bit crazy.

(The Big Weekender Swindon 105.5 fm 5.00-7.00 pm Fridays) CLICK HERE TO GO TO SITE

PS I’ll keep putting this up until they change it. Why, oh why does the Daily Mail’s excellent Saturday TV Guide continue to list the Footie Finder by club and not day? There’s 72 clubs in the league, and only a few of them will be on TV in any given week.

Listing matches by DAY makes it easy to see what’s on when. Who’s actually playing is largely irrelevant to most football fans, as no matter who someone supports, they’ll still want to watch all the football on TV that week. Come on Daily Mail; put it back to how it USED to be please!


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