TV Times – 1st April 2012

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I’ve decided not to do a full post this week. Please click on ‘This Week’s Complete Blog’ to the right if you’d like to see why.

Britain’s Got Talent

Here’s the Article I wrote for Digital Journal this week on Jonathan Antoine’s audition, and how he’s being hailed as the new SuBo:


As I post this blog on Sunday, I haven’t yet watched this week’s show, but will update this post when I have.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO SITE  (Britain’s Got Talent ITV1 Saturday nights)


It finished on a brilliant high and was the best Episode yet. The characters all seemed to suddenly establish themselves, and there was some great writing and lovely humour.

It ended with the baby arriving early, and HOW sweet was it to see them looking so overjoyed (and how lovely was it when Jamie held the little mite in his arms with tears in his eyes)?

I predicted it would get a second Series, and it most certainly will.

Twenty Twelve

I’d also predicted a second Series for Twenty Twelve, and we had Episode one on Friday night. It was even better and more excruciatingly-embarrassing than Series one, and if you haven’t seen it you need to rectify that – fast.

It’s the love-child of The Office and The Thick of It, and what makes it so good is that in a week where our Politicians have plunged new depths of incompetence and ineptitude over ‘Pastygate’ and ‘Petrolgate’, the irony of watching this bunch of overpaid fools is all the sweeter.

You have to look at it like that, or you’d probably cry. Don’t get me started …

CLICK HERE TO GO TO SITE (Twenty Twelve BBC2 10.00 pm Friday)

Radio Times

Ed Reardon - Comedy Corner from Jane Reynolds' Weekly BlogI can’t let this pass you by. A new Series of Ed Reardon’s Week starts this week. This is THE must-listen to programme for Grumpy Old Cynics everywhere, so if you think Twelve-year-olds run the media and that the world’s gone mad, find your spiritual home here!

(Ed Reardon’s Week Radio 4 Tuesdays 6.30 pm)

Another Series also returns on Radio 4 this week. The Unbelievable Truth is a very funny show (especially when Henning Wehn’s on!), and is hosted by David Mitchell. Well worth a listen.

(The Unbelievable Truth Radio 4 Mondays 6.30 pm)

PS I’ll keep putting this up until they change it. Why does the Daily Mail’s excellent Saturday TV Guide continue to list theFootie Finder by club and not day? There’s 72 clubs in the league, and only a few of them will be on TV in any given week.

Listing matches by DAY makes it easy to see what’s on when. Who’s actually playing is largely irrelevant to most football fans, as no matter who someone supports, they’ll still want to watch all the football on TV that week. Come on Daily Mail; put it back to how it USED to be please!

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