Peter and Tina get closer to 'the kiss'

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Michelle’s sickened, Steve’s on a sticky wicket and Peter’s snookered.

Peter & Carla Coronation StreetOoh, I’d thought it might have happened this week, but as Peter and Tina get closer to ‘the kiss’, we’ve seen him displaying all the signs of a man not relishing his impending nuptials.

Carla’s being portrayed as ‘pushy’ for trying to organise the wedding singlehandedly, but don’t worry; Saint Tina’s there to not only feel sorry for ‘poor Peter’ but has also more or less turned into Simon’s new mum overnight.

Peter Tina & Simon Coronation Street“You mean the world to him,” he told her (with a serious face on too!). Er, since when? It’s all a teensy bit hard to swallow, is this one.

It’s affecting Tina’s work too. “I’ve had three haircuts while you’ve been collecting glasses,” Liz remarked sarkily, but it’s lucky she was on the wrong side of the bar because she was able to (singlehandedly) break up the impending fight between Peter and Rob.

Funny that. Normally in any soap, the second it ‘kicks off’, half the pub pile in and restrain the protagonists, but for the first time ever (that I can remember) the blokes all just stood there and let Tina ‘sort it’.

Get Carla back to what she does best: quaffing red!

Carla and PeterCarla’s blissfully unaware of what’s about to occur. “God bless Tina and all who sail in her” (yeah, that’ll be Peter) she praised the little minx this week, but I – for one – am glad they’re (presumably/hopefully) about to split up. I’ve never felt that they were right for each other.

Having Carla living in that tatty little flat for a start – and even chopping the odd carrot too. That is not the Carla Connor we love, is it? The one who used to live on red wine and takeaways?

PeterCarla Barlow? That’s hardly got a ring to it either, has it, and there’s a lot of us out there who are hoping for a far more exciting future ahead for our Mrs C; one which involves Michelle. (See #carchelle on Twitter!)

Still. Since Peter feels so emasculated at being ‘stuck’ with such an awful, manipulative woman, once she kicks him to the kerb he’ll be free to do what he wants, won’t he? He could definitely reinvent himself as a snooker player. He’s already got the outfit and the ‘look’.

You’re no match for them, Stevie-boy

Michelle & SteveThere was more great banter between Liz and Michelle (mostly at Steve’s expense!) behind the bar this week. He’s a silly Steve (which we already know to be true) if he thinks he’s going to be able to pull the wool over their eyes over his college stuff.

“If you were as intelligent as you say you are you’d think up better lies,” Michelle pointed out to him (great line!), and she’s right. “It’ll be me and him that’s history the way he’s going on,” she told Liz. Yes, Steve. Keep it up please. We’ve got plans for Michelle …

Loads of great Corrie banter right throughout the week, and lots for our Grins of the Week:

Hayley & Roy

Roy: “I’ve seen photographers at funerals.”

Hayley: “Really? What happens when they do the photos? Do people have to look miserable instead of smile?”

Kirk: “When I’ve met girlfriends it’s always happened when I least expected it.”

Steve: “You and everybody else.”

Liz: “Deirdre’s really good to go shopping with; tends to err on the side of caution.”

MichelleMichelle: “Really? Does she not just make you buy a load of belts?”

Liz (about Steve ‘borrowing’ her Jackie Collins novels): “He’d swipe them from my bedside table. I never saw them again.”

Michelle: ” … Probably for the best.”

Beth (to Peter): “What’s up? Frightened of getting chained to a lamp post naked? That’d be a sight to see.”

Carla: “Oh, not in this weather, love, eh?”


Peter: “Carla does brilliant crisps. She puts them in a bowl and everything (!)”

Liz: “Why History. What is the point?”

Steve: “You just don’t get it, do you?”

Liz: “No, I don’t. Stuff happened. Get over it.”

Tina: “Your dad should be a stand-up comic, shouldn’t he?”

Simon: “If he was funny, yes.”

Steve: “It would seem that I got a bit mixed up.”

Steph CorrieMichelle: “Oh, what? So ‘mixed up’ you couldn’t find your way home?”

Sally: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you looking so happy, Mrs Connor.”

Beth: “That’s not saying much. She’s got a face as long as Deansgate half the time.”


* Steph’s line about olives: “They’ve got loads of them. I don’t know why they order so many,” was lol funny and a great reminder of Gail’s (sabotaged) online ordering!

* Can’t wait to see DisGrace get what’s coming to her.

* Was it ‘very late night closing’ on when Michelle set off to go into town shopping on Wednesday? The clock in the previous scene at Peter’s had said 7.20 pm.

* I simply don’t have the time today, but I’m going to try and get a ‘Carchelle Corner’ post out in the next couple of days. There’s a lot to say!


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