I want to look special, you know? Carla's planning the big day

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 Dev Coronation StreetDisGrace’ bullied little Simon into robbing from Dev’s this week (did you notice Dev practising his Ministry of Silly Walks walk on Wednesday outside Tracy and Rob’s shop?). What was Owen’s excuse when Anna reminded him that he was meant to be watching them?

“I was upstairs.” Oh, well, that’s alright then mate, isn’t it? What if they’d started playing with matches or something?

Maybe Anna could send DisGrace round to Tina, she’d soon give her ‘what for’ – just like she did to David this week (I thought the colour on my TV had gone wrong on Monday; the pair of them looked browner than ever!), but no sooner was he was back on the cobbles than he started getting on Kylie’s nerves instead.

“He keeps creeping about and hanging about,” she shuddered to Izzy. Great line!

I never thought I’d say this, but I actually feel a bit sorry for David. Still, every cloud. Being outside so much will have certainly helped keep his tan topped up, although Carla was under a bit of a dark cloud this week when she realised what she’d done.

Carla Coronation Street“I’ve just asked a terminally ill woman with absolutely no sense of style to design my wedding dress,” she confessed to Julie.

Luckily, after ripping Hayley’s drawings into pieces she managed to stick them all back together and somehow come up with THE dress, so rushed round to the cafe.

“I was pretty depressed when I saw your drawings,” she admitted to Hayley, but the two of them soon got their heads together and started planning. In a moment of gay abandon, Hayley even threw caution to the wind and opened a bottle of Rosé.

“Say ‘when’,” she twittered excitedly as she started to pour a glass for Carla.

“Ooh, I’m not a ‘when‘ kind of girl. Just fill it up,” Carla mused. You’d have thought Hayley would have known that by now!

Peter was struggling to see what all the fuss was about. “You’re only going to wear it once. Why not save that money?” he asked her.

“Well, call me mental, but I want to look special, you know? Wedding day? Sort of thing you only get to do half a dozen times in your life?” she tried to explain. (I should be so lucky. I never even got to one!)

If she saw how Peter had been giving Tina the eye again this week she’d definitely decide to save that money, but that’s still bubbling-under for now, unlike our Grins of the Week!

Audrey & Max Coronation StreetMax: “I got 8 out of 10 for my spelling test.”

Audrey: “Ooh. Did you darling? What did the others get?”

Max: “Two got 10 and the others got 9.”

Audrey: “Oooh … ”

Lloyd (listening to Todd’s first call on the Switch): “Not bad.”

Todd: “Well, it’s hardly brain surgery, is it?”

Lloyd: “Is that your other job?”

Brian & Julie Coronation StreetJulie: “I’m sure there was something wrong with that yogurt; it tasted like sour milk.”

Brian: “Yogurt IS sour milk.”

Roy (as Hayley opens a bottle of wine): “Are you sure that’s wise? Alchohol can impair your judgement.”

Hayley: “Roy. We’re designing a frock, not landing a 747.”

Eileen: “Do you want the good news, good news or good news?”

Todd: “This better involve the Lottery.”

Eileen Coronation Street

Marcus: “Women do have opinions too, Brian: Julie included.”

Brian: “Don’t remind me, and I think I’m about to hear most of them.”

Todd: “We decided to take mum out.”

Eileen: “You make it sound like I’m in a bath chair!”

Sean: “Why did the drunken, self-pitying misery guts cross the road?”

David: “I don’t know.”

Sean: “Neither do I, but let’s find out.”

Todd: “I always thought of you as a kind of sporty bloke.”

Dev: “Well, I always thought that you were someone who was ‘going places’, so how wrong we both were, aye?


Churros* What do they have for breakfast in Spain? Churros, NOT Freshco’s!

* Eileen asked Lloyd if he could do a Freshco’s run in about 20 minutes. It was already gone 4.00 … on a Sunday afternoon. They’d be closed by then – unless they have different Sunday trading laws in Weatherfield?!

* Sean left the iron face-down on the ironing board, but when he returned to carry on ironing it was back on its heel!


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