Corrie Corner – 21st August 2011

After a ‘lie-in’ Peter started the week by closing the Bookies to take Leanne to lunch.  Glad business is so good, and nice to see how much you care about your customers mate. If I was one of his ‘Peter’s Punters’ I’d be straight off to lose my money somewhere else, thank you very much.

Sally was taking bets on how long Frank and Carla’s marriage would last. “She can’t even make herself happy, never mind anyone else,” she observed (what a great line).  What’s your price for betting the marriage won’t even happen ey, Sal?  I’ll have a fiver on that.

Carla, Frank, Peter & Leanne - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewThey’re all trying to ‘play nicely’, but it’s not easy.  Peter joked about going fishing with Frank (don’t go near the Canal), then asked Lea what she and Carla would do.  “Oh, probably hit the shops, get our nails done; try on each other’s clothes,” she replied.  Lol!

Peter’s doing that classic thing though.  He’s told Carla there’s no way he’s leaving Leanne, yet the next minute he’s telling her she shouldn’t be marrying Frank.  Ha.  “I (try to pretend I) don’t want you, but I don’t want anyone else to have you.”  is what he’s actually saying.

Carla - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewNo wonder she’s looking so anxious whenever Frank hugs her (although she’s going to be a damn sight more than anxious before too long I fear).  I didn’t like it when he told her, “That’s your email, you should check it,” but I ‘let him off’ a second later when I realised he’d said it because it had come from him.  He’s still scary though: like a shark.

I’m loving Carla.  She’s got such a great ‘Northern’ voice, and is looking particulary alluring at the moment. She always looks so sultry and highly polished. I wish I looked like that … or even one tenth as good as that. Becky summed me up this week:

Katy (to Becky): “I wish I was more like you.”

Becky: “Love; even I don’t want to be like me.”

Hayley & Hope - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewShe’s so good with baby Hope though. I bet that baby’s loving having her and Hayley kissing and cuddling her all the time!  You can tell they really mean it and aren’t just acting.  You’d think it would be impossible not to act lovingly towards a baby on set, but there’s a lot who seem to manage it …

Most of the week’s chuckles came from Sylvia. There were some wonderful lines, but I have to admit that by Friday it was all wearing a little bit thin, and as for locking Norris in the toilet? Even Kirk could have seen that one coming, or maybe not!

Chris got in a strop when word got out about his tumour.  Come on mate, you were hardly going to keep that one quiet for long, were you?  I’d stay out of Maria’s way though.  Her whining on’s enough to give anyone a headache.

Tommy & Tyrone - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewI’m not Tommy’s biggest fan.  All he’s seemed to want to do since he arrived is get women into bed and show off his body (not sure why though; I’m more toned than that!), but I almost felt sorry for him when Tina didn’t turn up for the meal he’d cooked her.

I haven’t wanted her to get with him, but I’d far rather that than her be with that Doctor.  That is SO not a match made in heaven, and from what I saw on Friday, there was more ‘chemistry’ between Tommy and Tryone at their ‘Candlelight Supper’ than anything generated between those two!

Tina & Dr Carter - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewSome people might think he’s a ‘Dishy Doctor’ but he certainly doesn’t get my pulse racing.  He’s so dull and wooden that he’d be far better off having a whirlwind romance (and running away forever), with Eve (or preferably her mother), than dating the wonderful, sparky Tina.  I’m not looking forward to this ‘coupling’  at all I’m afraid.

Fiz Priz: Fiz’s prison scenes aren’t really grabbing me either.  The female Prison Warden was good, but prison’s just about the best place for the rest of the actors. The babies gave a better performance than that shower (Fiz excepted, of course!).  There’s going to be a lot more of that to come I fear, but let’s finish off with a laugh, shall we?  Sorry, but it’s been pretty-much the ‘Sylvia Show’ this week.

Grins of the week:

Sylvia - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' review(To Owen): “You misunderstand the term ‘All day’. It refers to availability, not duration.”

Owen: “I’ll tell you what love, I’ll go somewhere else in future.”

Sylvia: “As you wish.  It’ll free up a seat – or two, the way you’re going.”

Emily: (when Sylvia asked her if she wanted anything else): “No, I’ve finished thank you.”

Sylvia: “Off you go then.”

(To Norris): “You asked for tea and a custard tart.  What did you expect, a brass band and a fly-past?”

(In the Kabin): “So.  Is this where you congregate to peddle your idle gossip?”  Great stuff!  And finally:

PS Tyrone: “I love scampi, me.”

PPS Rita: “Emily tells me everything Norris … everything!”


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