Corrie Corner – 31st July 2011

Did you get to see the cacti this week (for there were two), in Gary and Izzy’s flat?  They were in it quite a lot, and it helped take my mind off the action.  What action though.  “Didn’t they do well?” as Bruce Forsyth would have no-doubt said.  I cried my eyes out at the end of Monday’s Episode when they were all sat there in tears.

It could have been really over-acted and cringe-worthy, but they were both marvellous (as was Owen, who you’d have imagined would have battered Gary once he’d got his hands on him).  I think there’s something really lovely about a man kicking a door in for you; so ‘manly’, and it’s certainly helping Owen in his quest to woo the lovely Anna.  Even Faye was nice to him (and to Gary – which was sweet).

Anna & Owen - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewAnna made her feelings pretty clear too; telling him that Eddie was “Just a load of body parts really.” He was that alright, and half of them didn’t even look as if they even belonged to him – especially the hair!

This week had a lot more laughs that we’ve had over the last couple of weeks.  Sean milked his black eye for all it was worth.  “I went in, opened the curtains and left … in profile,” he emoted to Marcus, and had the whole clan offering to go round and smack Gary on his behalf. I’d love to have seen Eileen and Julie storming across the street to Anna’s. He’d have had those doors barricaded faster than you could say “Cactus”.

Sean managed to make it into work, but got no sympathy from Sally.

Sean: “Ooh, my eye.”

Sally: “My eye? My eye!”

Sean - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewSean’s such a drama queen, but worse than a child sometimes (which is part of his character, and he does it so beautifully!), but I bet we all know someone like that in real life, don’t we?  His mates are always there for him, but sometimes that’s not always quite what you want to hear.

Tracy (to Steve): “I’m here for you.”

Steve: “I know you’re here for me, that’s part of the reason she’s (Becky) gone.”

You have to wonder at Steve, don’t you?  You’d have thought he’d have wised-up to Tracy’s wiles by now, but no; once-again he walked slap-bang into her trap.  She didn’t even make a secret of it.  “Now that lady Ga Ga’s off the scene, it’s time to reel Steve in,” she explained to Ken and Deirdre (as she bribed them out of the house with three courses … and a liqueur).

Where would Tracy get the money to pay for that, I wonder?  She certainly saved some by buying Frescho’s quiche, although as Deirdre described that as “Pushing the boat out,” I wonder whether Tracy would have been just as well sending them off to the Harvester for an Early Bird Special (especially as they left – dressed up to the nines – at 4.30 in the afternoon)?

Steve & Tracy - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewStill, it was ‘Missionary accomplished’ (heaves), as she was happy to report to Deirdre the next morning.  Do you think Ken and Deirdre actually came back that night, as in a house that size I wouldn’t have thought Deirdre would have needed to ask whether he’d stayed or not; if you get my drift …

Becky coming back (again) put a spanner in Tracy’s works though. Sylvia told Tracy about her postcard, but not without a bit of bartering first:

Tracy: “I told you about Hayley’s sex change.”

Sylvia: “And you think I’m grateful for that?”

“I’m surprised she can write her own name,” Sylvia continued, but went on to divulge the salient points: “The sun is shinning and the sun shins out of his backside.”

Sylvia and Tracy make a great comic pair, as do the gorgeous new couple, Julie and Brian.  Julie SO needed a man in her life, and they couldn’t have picked a better one for her than him.  We’re going to have comedy gold with these two!  Just when you thought it was never going to happen, Julie was thrilled to be put in charge of Dylan, and it all went on from there.

Julie (to Sean): “I can’t believe you’re willing to put your son’s life in my hands.”

Sean: “Julie, you’re taking him to a reading group, not operating on him.”

Brian & Julie - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewShe certainly looked quite the ‘Yummy Mummy’ in that classroom though, and then in walked her own Mr Darcy.  “Sorry I’m late ladies.  There was an incident on the log trail.  The poor lad split his difference on the monkey bars, but he’s alright.”  (That’s a saying you rarely hear these days!)

It was so sweet to see their eyes meet, and that kiss she gave him in the Rovers looked SO spontaneous, I wonder if it was even in the original script, or something Julie put in herself?  I’m looking to hours of endless fun with these two!

My Grins of the Week this week are firstly from Izzy as she tried to get Gary to see reason.

“How can we get married if we’re locked up in here? Where are we supposed to go for our honeymoon: the spare bedroom?” and then from Chesney and Katy as they’re stood outside:

Ches: “They could have gone for a walk”

Katy: “Around here?  It’s not exactly the Lake District, is it?

Profound statement of the week:

Tracy: “If you chuck in a bit of rope you’ve got a Do-It-Yourself suicide kit.”

Steve: “All suicide’s Do-It-Yourself.”

PS Notice how cars in Soaps are all absolutely immaculate: as if they’ve just been driven out of a showroom?  There’s never so much as a speck of dirt or a dead fly stuck to the windscreen!

That’s it for this week, but I just want to say a few words about the Marcia thing …

I spotted an article by Roy Hattersley (a life-long Corrie fan), in last week’s Daily Mail Weekend TV Guide (I wanted to put a link to it but couldn’t find it anywhere online), discussing (in his opinion), the Street’s over-reliance on young characters and at the introduction of minority groups etc.

As I watched Marcia giving a speech to a room full of Transvestites in Friday’s Episode, I wondered what other viewers might be thinking.  It just didn’t feel right to me; mostly because I don’t find Marc very ‘convincing’ in the role.

When Hayley was introduced, there were complaints that the character should have been played by a real Transexual.  I agreed at the time (but Julie Hesmondhalgh’s been brilliant, and we all love her to bits), and I also tend to agree that gay parts should ideally be played by gay actors.

Take Christian and Syed in EastEnders.  Syed’s great, but he always looks SO uncomfortable kissing Christian that it spoils it for me.  Things have to be convincing for us to believe in them – and in the character – but is it simply down to whether the actor’s good enough or not?  There was very little actual kissing between Aaron and Jackson in Emmerdale (and they’re both straight), but that felt real, so I guess it’s a tricky one.

Marc isn’t convincing enough in the role (for me), and I think that’s maybe one reason why some people are upset by this storyline (rather than at the actual subject-matter itself), perhaps? That’s what I struggle with as I watch, but maybe it’s just the fact that he looks too much like Audrey in that blond wig (it really should have been a brown/black one).  I wonder if that might have made a difference?

Sophie and Sian’s situation differs in that they’re originally ‘straight’ girls who we already knew and who’ve just happened to become lesbians, but bringing in a character specifically to play a particular role needs that person to be totally believable, doesn’t it?  (Oh … that’s reminded me of Stella’s accent.  Better stop now!)


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